Darren Criss, Daniel Radcliffe, How to Succeed in Business

Consider it the battle of the bow ties.

We remember way back when in August when it was announced that Glee guy Darren Criss would be replacing Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe, and we pointed out that Darren happened to be following a career path muy similar to Daniel's (don't forget, Darren got famous spoofing Harry in musical YouTube vids).

So now that we've seen both dudes in their How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying posters, we gotta ask again: Who does it best?!

We know you hate it when we pit these handsome mugs against each other, but life ain't easy—so you must pick just one.

First up, there's Darren:

Mr. Criss has already proved he's got the pipes (and then some) with his scene- show-stealing turn as Blaine. And while he'll be ditching the Katy Perry tunes for the Broadway ditties, it looks like he'll still hang on to that gush-worthy grin and suave style that he dons so well on the boobtube.

Are you hoping for a B'way hit for him, or would you rather leave it to the original: Daniel.

Daniel may be best known as The Boy Who Lived, but following his (very naked) horsey stint in Equus, he continued his tour-de-theater in How to Succeed, and did pretty damn good for himself—hence the toothy grin on the poster. That combined with his swoopy hair and we say he's pretty dang adorable.

But it's up to you to pick which bow tie you prefer: purple or blue. Er, we mean which fine fella wearing the bow tie you think shows it off best. Getting to clickin' and tell us why in the comments below!

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