Miley Cyrus

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We told you forever ago that Miley Cyrus was done with her bad girl ways.

Don't get us wrong, we love the charity work and the social consciousness (have you peeped her Occupy Wall Street music video?) of new St. Cyrus, but we must admit, we're starting to miss the antics of the old oh-so-controversial Miley.

So what got us reminiscing about the pole-grindin', boy-toy-flauntin' Hannah Montana of years past? Why, the stoner biz at her B-day, of course. But (also duh­­-worthy these days) there's no scandal to be found...

If you haven't already heard, Miles' spokespeople pooh-poohed any pot talk by saying it was all just a joke (which new bestie—and also former bad girl—Kelly Osbourne also defended on Twitter).

It's just the latest in a series of almost-scandals that have been nipped in the bud before they've provided some serious juicy goss.

See, we wouldn't be surprised if Miley was lighting up from time to time on something that wasn't an old cigarette—she is rockin' that whole peace, love and totally hippie vibe lately, dude—and since Ms. Miley herself didn't take to Twitter to shoot down the rumors, we were hoping there'd be a little bit o' buzz about the babe.

Heck, this isn't a salvia repeat—mostly because Disney isn't making her apologize anymore. And if Justin Timberlake has anything to say about it, admitting your pothead preferences is the in thing to do these days. So what's the big effing deal?!

Instead it's all halos and angel wings (not unlike mama Tish's gothic tat) for Miley these days, without any exciting exploits to keep us intrigued. And while we adore M.C., we're starting to get a bit bored.

And you readers even 'fessed that a woman is both naughty and nice—so why is Miley so fixated on only giving us the latter? C'mon, lady, give us something to talk about! We know the old Miley excelled in just that!

But what say you: Do you like the "new and improved" Miley, or do you miss the days of her semi-nudie pics and JoBro drama?

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