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Robyn Brown can't wait for her child on the Sister Wives' season finale: "It's getting really close to when I have the baby."

While we reported on Solomon's birth last month, tonight we actually got to see the moments and emotions leading up to it, including those of Kody Brown's first three wives, Meri, Christine and Janelle. What do they think about Robyn welcoming a new child into the family? (Hint: They're not all thrilled!) Oh, and Robyn made Meri a pretty huge offer, signifying just how close these two sister wives have become. 

So what went down before Solomon's birth?

The wives go out to lunch, which they say helps their friendships as they are living in different houses, and Robyn says she's nervous about how Kody feels about another child. Meri, Christine and Janelle reassure her about him. "Kody's great," Christine says. "You're going to be so relieved." Robyn tells them they're the reason Kody is so great. 

Christine makes a "peace offering" to Robyn because "my treatment of her has not been accepting and welcoming in the least," she explains. "Being jealous of her, what it really did, it made her feel like she wasn't welcome. That I didn't want her as a sister wife. I never meant that." Christine admits she's fearful that her children won't treat Robyn as their mother because of her actions. "I welcome Solomon as my son and I promise to be better," Christine says. Janelle admits she's not as excited as Christine for Solomon's arrival. "I am excited, but I probably won't get up in the middle of the night to see the baby," she admits. 

"It'll be fun to have Solomon, but it'll be very different than if it were my own," says Meri, who reveals she and Robyn have become very close. Meri says she always wanted a deep connection with a sister wife and never had it until Robyn came into the family. 

Two weeks overdue, Robyb is definitely ready to give birth (in her home, preferably on her bed!) to Solomon. On Oct. 25, around 10:15 p.m., Robyn gets her wish as she goes into labor. Meri comes over to say, "Good luck! Happy pushing!" After a couple of hours in labor, Kody and Robyn welcome their first child together. "I was impressed," Kody tells his fourth wife. "Here's our dream come true."

Aside from the arrival of baby Solomon, the other Brown kids received some screentime as the issue of the move from Utah to Las Vegas was addressed, but the story soon returns to baby talk. And a huge surprise.

At the end of the episode, Robyn says she needs to talk to Meri alone, so she can say to her, "I want to know if you want me to be your surrogate." As most viewers know, Meri can't have children, so this is huge. "I know you're going to have to take some time to think about it, but I'm offering it whole-heartedly," Robyn says. All Meri can say is, "Wow!" Robyn admits she's been thinking about it ever since they met. Yes, we cried.

So there it is. What did you think of the Sister Wives season finale? What did you think the offer Robyn made Meri? 

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