Thanksgiving Plate


Thanksgiving was filled with family, friends and of course food for our favorite celebrities—along with wisdom teeth, burnt turkey and recording studios?!

While Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan were feeding the homeless, our other favorite celebs like Jessica AlbaMiley Cyrus, Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson, Ashton Kutcher, Nina Dobrev and more took to the Internet's own bird, Twitter, to express their Thanksgiving trials, tribulations and triumphs as well as share what they're tweetful for.

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John Legend's model and foodie girlfriend Chrissy Teigen didn't have the best of luck with her cooking, sharing with the twitverse a pic of her and John complete with a burnt turkey and tweeting: "Good call on the emergency honeybaked ham, CHRISSY. omg."

Where Chrissy and John savored their taste buds with a backup plan, Nina Dobrev skipped out on a Thanksgiving meal altogether. The Vampire Diaries star tweeted: "No turkey for me tonight- worst or best idea to get my wisdom teeth removed the day before thanksgiving?"

While Nicole Richie was sharing she "just caught my grandma digging for gold. Happy Thanksgiving!" her hubby Joel Madden was having serious regrets about stepping up to the plate and cooking. The rocker tweeted: "I'm making the turkey, the stuffing, the Mac and cheese, and the pies. This could be really bad. Sounded fun at the time."

Along with Joel, preggers Jessica Simpson opted to cook for fiancé Eric Johnson's side of the family, tweeting: "Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I made some TX casseroles for the Boston family! Eric and I have so much to be grateful for... God is good!"

True to her onscreen character, Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria decided to not cook this year, sharing, along with a pic: "Had the most amazing dinner at Sage in Vegas at Aria with my family! First year I didn't cook, but wow this meal was worth it! My dessert!"

While Eva feasted in Vegas, Kelly Osbourne and mom Sharon Osbournespent the holiday in true rock star fashion—in a recording studio! The Fashion Police cohost tweeted: "since its just me and my mum in town looks like we will now be spending thanksgiving in the studio with @OfficialSabbath [Black Sabbath] could be worse :)" The blonde later exclaimed that her famous father Ozzy Osbourne had made up for his rocker ways, sharing: "to make up for the fact that my dad was w/  recording he made me the best sticky toffee pudding for thanksgiving dinner! <3"

Jessica Alba described the holiday meal aptly as "Gluttony at it's finest." Whereas New Girl star Zoey Deschanel thanked the machine gods, tweeting: "I am thankful I have a dishwasher: so many dishes. SO. MANY. DISHES."

In true comedic form, Sarah Silverman wished her followers a "Happy holocaust of the Native American people day!"

Olivia Wilde revealed she's got a goofy family, warning: "Oh god. Family charades is starting. This is when it gets ugly. I might take a bribe to go down early. These people are viscous" (with a later tweet for the spelling oops:  "...and also vicious.") 

A more sentimental, and recently separated, Ashton Kutcher told his almost 9 million followers: "I'm thankful for family, friends, you, & time to reach my potential. What are you thankful for?"

Well, we're sure thankful for the above celebrities and all their glory!

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