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The results are in, folks, and one may shock your socks off, especially if you're one of our dear Twi-hards.

Shall we get to the Breaking Dawn biz first? We asked you why the first part of the final Twilight installment wasn't able to best the box office record set by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. And it looks like some very dedicated wizards were clicking away that day...

Over half of you said that Harry Potter was just plain better than our beloved glittering vamps.

Tho, that didn't deter some bold Twi-hards (like commenter "YourWrong") who bitched, "Cut the crap Ted. Twilight, especially B.D. does not cater to the 5-10 year olds who make up the majority of the kids going to see Harry Potter."

Touché. But when we saw the boy wonder in his last go with Voldemort, there were plenty of more mature viewers too. Heck, the fare in the final Harry Potter was pretty scary for a 5 year old, dontcha think?

But to be fair, nearly a third of you said that big box-office haul will come after Bella and Edward's last big screen installment (that'd be Breaking Dawn Part 2, of course). Guess we'll have to re-poll you all when those weekend

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Elsewhere, the majority of you had some similarly strong opinions when it came to the battle of bad girls and good girls.

Over 50 percent of you said that you dig a good girl and a bad girl all rolled into one.

Look, we totally get it and we don't disagree with you, who wouldn't want the best of both worlds (especially since there's usually some sugar and some spice mixed in to every gal). Just look at Kristen Stewart: Who can turn on some the innocent charm one second then drop an F-bomb the next.

And we love her for it.

But FYI, those badass babes came in second, with nearly a third of your votes. Sorry, goody two shoes!

So what do you think?! We're sure some of you have some very, uh, passionate views on these poll results! So sound off in the comments below.   

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