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Dear Ted:
I love that Naya Rivera is getting more screen time on Glee, but my sister says that the reason for that is because Naya is dating one of the show's writers. I say it's because of her talent. Who's right? Might her increased screen time have something to do with her Vice, if she has one?

Dear McKinley High Heist:
Now A, just 'cause Santana would do it, doesn't mean Miss Rivera necessarily follows suite. The girl has some serious pipes (did you hear that Adele cover?!) But you're on the right track re: Naya's delicious Vice. The Glee gal definitely gets an A+ in my book when it comes to that.

Dear Ted:
A while back you mentioned that poor Nevis couldn't decide between his gal-pal or passionate BF Barrington. Well, has he made a definitive choice yet? Or does his girl not have a problem with Nev having Barrington whenever? Doesn't Nev's beard get a tiny bit jealous over Nev's connection to Barrington? I know I would want Mr. Divine all to myself!

Dear Double the Fun:
Why make a choice when you can have both? After all, neither of his lovers puts up much of a fight. 'Cause they've got extra lovers too, of course.

Dear Ted:
I know some of my A-list faves live juicy lives that are secretive, but are any of them Vicers? More specifically: Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston and Tom Cruise. Which one is your fave?

Dear A-List Juicery:
How tres hilar, doll. Of course there's some Vicers in that bunch! And some muy good ones too. Georgey-poo and Tommy to be specific (the other two surprisingly haven't monikered up yet). My personal fave? Tom Cruise, easy. 

Dear Ted:
Just a simple, straightforward question. Does Ryan Kwanten have a BV moniker? Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Simple Straightforward Answer:
No. And it breaks my heart just thinkin' about it! Don't you wish he had some sexy Jason Stackhouse like secret? Oh well. Happy T-giving back to you, babe!

Dear Ted:
I know you already said there is nothing going on between Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick. Just hot chemistry! But why not? Is it because they work together? Or are there too many Vices between them?

Dear Gossiped Out:
Leighton's dated her co-stars before, so that's definitely not the issue. And she has no Vices to get in the way. Ed's just not her type...Simple as that. K?

Dear Ted:
I'm dying, dying, dying for a clue on who Trixie Twinkle-Twat is. She sounds so fabulously bitchy!

Dear And She Is:
I think it's just the golden locks that throws you off. Oh, and the nostalgia factor.

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