Fergie, Josh Duhamel

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Are Fergie and hunky hubby Josh Duhamel ready to start a family?

Yes, especially now that the 36-year-old singer may have more time for baby-making with the Black Eyed Peas taking a break from each other.

However, don't go buying any bottles and diapers just yet...

"Yes, [a] baby is in the plans at some point but there's no specific plans or date or anything like that," Fergie told E! News yesterday. "That's just one of the things I want to do."

One of those things also includes releasing another solo album.

"I just don't know when," Fergie said of a follow-up to The Dutchess when we caught up with her last night at the launch party for Ubisoft's The Black Eyed Peas Experience video game.

"You know, I'm ready to have a day where I can just see where the day takes me. Take this journey. Go to an art gallery. Go to a museum. Go to fashion shows. Spend time with my husband."

As for when the Peas will regroup after their hiatus?

"We're not going to set a date on it," Fergie said. "It's organic."

We don't think we've heard the last of the Black Eyed Peas. Do you? Sound off below.

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