Robert Pattinson, Cosmopolis

Caitlin Cronenber/ Alfama Films

Attention, Twilight haters: Robert Pattinson can act—for real.   

And no, we're not referring to some super lame Breaking Dawn sex scene, we're talkin' about Rob's latest film Cosmopolis, which is earning him rave reviews from the film's director, David Cronenberg

So, since we already know Cronenberg totally thinks Twilight didn't allow Rob to reach his full potential (well, duh), what's he have to say about the hunky leading man, this time around?

According to D.C., the vampire dude's got what it takes...

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"Really, he's fantastic. He's sensational," Cronenberg gushed in an interview with MTV.

He continued, stroking Rob's ego, "Really, I'm telling you. He's a great actor. It's obvious in the movie. It's not like maybe yes, maybe no. It's obvious."

Quite the dose of compliments coming from the esteemed director himself, especially since the Ulysses-inspired tale features Rob in almost every shot—major eye candy for us R.Pattz lovers.

But even though director Davey poo-pooed the Twilight material, he must think the mania helped Rob prepare for this role, right?!

Uh, no.  

"It's a scary thing because he's never really had to carry a movie quite that way before, totally on his own," Cronenberg explained. "He's in every scene. He's almost in every shot, so scary for him, but for an actor, scary is good. You don't want to be bored. You don't want to be too confident."

Too confident? That hardly sounds like the R.Pattz we know, but maybe all the Twi-moms are getting to his pretty little head?

We only kid, ‘cause the down-to-earth ‘tude is exactly what we love about Rob—dude's already established as one of the hottest celebs of the decade, but he's always looking for new ways to grow as an actor. 

And if the critics agree with Cronenberg, Rob will be in for quite the post-Twilight treat. 

So, what say you Awful readers? Are you still itching to see Kristen Stewart strut her badass stuff in Snow White and the Huntsman? Or do Cronenberg's accolades have you considering the futuristic flick? 

‘Cause trust, while both movies may put Breaking Dawn to shame, only one half of Robsten can take the post-Twilight box office glory. 

Thoughts? Sound off below!

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