Sister Wives, Baby Solomon

Jana Cruder/TLC

Nothing quite like a new baby to bring sister wives closer together!

This is exactly what happens for first wife Meri on the season finale of Sister Wives this Sunday on TLC, when the Brown family is preparing for the birth of baby Solomon, newest wife Robyn's bundle of joy (her first with Kody).

We have an exclusive sneak at the finale, in which Meri reveals that she's not super-close with all of her sister wives, however two of them have become "very close"...

"Robyn and I have become very close," Meri says in the clip. "We've just got a really good relationship. We're very, very good friends."

Meri is beyond excited for the arrival of Robyn's baby, saying, "I feel a definite connection with Solomon and I don't know why. I'm really excited to have him come into the family."

In a moment of honesty, Meri says she's always wanted a close relationship and friendship with one of her sister wives, but has never had one until Robyn recently came into the family. Aw, BFFs!

The season finale, airing Nov. 27, will chronicle the birth of baby Solomon, whom the Browns welcomed into the world on Oct. 26 and he's baby No. 17 for the fam!

Sister Wives airs at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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