How I Met Your Mother

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Holy…wait for it…crap!

What other phrase is there to use after watching last night's How I Met Your Mother? If you haven't fired up the DVR to catch up on "The Rebound Girl," then for the love of all things pure and good in this world, avert your eyes. If you watched last night and need a place to freak out and speculate, then this is the place to be…

In the closing moments of last night's HIMYM, Robin delivered what was one of the best "OMG!" moments of the TV season: she's pregnant!

After hearing that bombshell, we blacked out for about a minute, and then our wheels started spinning. Because in true twisty plotline fashion, the father of the baby cannot easily be determined. Robin (Cobie Smulders) could be carrying the child of either boyfriend Kevin (Kal Penn) or former love Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), whom she slept with very recently.

OK, it has to be Barney's kid, right? First of all, we told you guys a little bit ago that HIMYM was casting Robin's kids, and one of them was blonde. And second of all, how crushed would you be if Barney wasn't the father? The TV gods would never be so cruel, right? Oh, that's right. They can be.

So, what did you guys think of the big surprise? And who's the father of the Scherbatsky baby: Barney or Kevin? Vote in the poll below and we'll see you in the comments for some extreme speculation time.

HIMYM: Who's the Father?
Who's the father of Robin's baby?
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