Home movies are the last thing on Joe's mind at this point!

In this deleted scene from Super 8, exclusively obtained by E! News to coincide with today's release of the film on DVD and Blu-ray, the young hero of the J.J. Abrams-directed sci-fi thriller (Joel Courtney) finds out that Elle Fanning's Alice is driving them to the train depot, where aspiring filmmaker Charles (Riley Griffiths) wants to shoot a piece of his pet project.

"Are you making this up?" a befuddled Joe asks Charles.

"Jesus, freak-show, she offered to drive and I accepted," the exasperated director says as he stocks up on provisions at the local minimart. But Joe isn't satisfied.

"Was she nice? Why is she doing this? I don't understand, we don't even know her," he insists.

"Maybe she just wants to be in a good movie, you ever think of that?" Charles retorts. To which Joe thoughtfully replies, "I don't think that's what it is."

The stirrings of young love, comic timing, snacks...It's all here.

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