Chace Crawford

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Dear Ted:
What has Chace Crawford been up to lately? When Gossip Girl started I thought he'd be one of the breakout stars, but he's never really stepped outside of Leighton Meester and Blake Lively's shadows. Even Penn Badgley is landing better movies than he is. So what's the deal? Please tell me his B.V. is much more interesting and active than his career/personal life seems to be.

Dear XOXO:
Ditto, doll. Chace had such big screen potential, what with his feathery locks, dashing smile and fairly decent acting chops, but it all kinda fizzled out before it even started. Oh well, on to what you really care about: C.C. has made a bigger splash in the Vice vault of late than on his IMDb resume. And it's certainly not boring.

Dear Ted:
I'm with you on the George Clooney-Stacy Keibler train! She doesn't seem desperate to cash in on George's fame, unlike some of his exes (looking at you, Elisabetta Canalis)! My question is, are there any Vices between these two?

Dear Hold Your Horses:
Keibler isn't disliking all the attention she's getting (or the benefit to her bank account). And her name is known outside the realm of wrestling or Dancing With the Stars fans. As for Vices, you know that George can't be that good looking without having some skeletons in his closet.

Dear Ted:
Ever since her promotion with Johnny Depp for The Rum Diary, I cannot get enough of Amber Heard! She's so hot! Does she have any Blind Vices?

Dear Seen and Heard:
No Vice for the blonde bombshell as she's been pretty open about her lady-lovin' ways. Just don't call her a lesbian.

Dear Ted:
On several different websites, I read rumors about Chloe Moretz and her frequent not-so-sweet behavior. Is this teen paving herself a way to the Blind Vice Hall of Fame? Or maybe she already got herself a Vice name?

Dear Potty Mouth Problems:
Don't let her sometimes naughty onscreen personas fool you. Chloe is a sweet babe in real life, despite what you may read about her. As in, she hasn't made a play for a moniker yet, and I don't see it happening anytime soon.

Dear Ted:
It seems that all I'm seeing lately are trailers for the upcoming movie New Year's Eve. And if my B.V. guesses are correct, this flick is a Vice-lover's dream come true! Am I correct in thinking that this cast is a bunch of no-good, dirty Vicers? And if so, did any of them get into any trouble while on the set?

Dear Let the Countdown Begin:
You are right about one thing: There are tons of Vicers on that set (maybe more so than in any other flick, like, ever?). But despite the many dressing room closets filled with Vices, things stayed way professional on that set. Almost boringly so. Guess maybe less is more sometimes?

Dear Ted:
I worry about my darling Dashed Dingle-Dream. Is he still all heartsick because he fell for one jerk? He seems nice enough. I'm sure he could find a good guy to quietly settle down with outside of the public eye like so many closeted celebs do.

Dear Dry Your Eyes:
DDD isn't sweating his no-good BF anymore. He's moved on to better (tho not quite bigger) lovers. Stay tuned to see how Judas responds. You know he's the one that still pines over his ex, after all.

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