Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone

Sure, Emma Stone and cutie Spider-Man costar Andrew Garfield were spotted casually holding hands yesterday, which for some is confirmation enough of their oh-so-adorable relaysh. And while we don't doubt the twosome are BF and GF (we so knew it before they took things public), don't let their PDA fool you.

Because Camp Starfield is saying zilch on the status of these two lovebird's relationship...

See, after peeping the paparazzi pics of Emma and Andy hitting the streets of NYC hand-in-hand, we wondered if the two were so confident with their courtship that they were going to make it public.

Ya know, as in, confirm they're words, not actions.

So we reached out to each of the stars' reps to see if they were willing to confirm what everyone already knew or if the actors might be willing to do it once press for their superhero flick started. And we were met with a resounding...well, nada.

Dare we say it again? How very Robsten of the two of ‘em.

We may be a broken record when it comes to this comparison, but taking the costar thing and turning it into a secret relaysh while never confirming (nor denying, to be fair) what fans so desperately want to hear is so Rob and Kristen.

And E and A seem to have it nailed perfectly—heck, just look at how Emma gushes about her man while claiming the two are "just friends."

Whatever, they certainly know how to keep us interested. Guess we'll just have to wait until the two are forced to sit down together for Spider-Man interviews.

We have a feeling a reporter or two might be looking for an answer...

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