When the biggest names in comedy come together to celebrate one of their own, one thing's certain: It'll be funny. Super funny. And that's exactly what happened this weekend at the Variety Power of Comedy Presented by The Sims 3 event celebrating Amy Poehler.

Will Ferrell, Maya Rudolph, Zach Galifianakis, Russell Brand, Will Arnett and more all came out to recognize the funnylady and to help raise money for the Noreen Fraser Foundation.

Only E! was allowed access inside this star-studded event, and we're bringing you the funniest moments:

Be warned: Whether it's Poehler pitching her ideas for hot new TV shows or Rudolph serenading the crowd, you'll be doubled over laughter before you know it. Check 'em out!

Will Ferrell (above): The comic genius makes it clear he doesn't want to be a Hollywood d-bag who uses a Teleprompter, so instead he opts to speak from the heart about the night's honoree. Only problem is, he quickly realizes he isn't entirely clear on who that is.

Amy Poehler: As the recipient of this prestigious award, Amy finds herself in a position of power, and she's going to seize the moment. Watch as she pitches some ideas for new TV shows to the power players in the room. Have to say, we think she might have some ratings hits on her hands here.

Russell Brand: Even though he couldn't be there in person, the Brit funnyguy sent a message of support to Amy from his office. Only thing is, he got a little sidetracked and began analyzing his obession with the actress' husband, Will Arnett. A few clues to just how profound Russell's obsession is? The words "velvety" and "glorious" come into play.

Maya Rudolph: Amy and Maya go way back...no, not just back to their Saturday Night Live days. According to the star, she and Poehler have been, um, "hanging out" doing stuff since the '70s. And when she realizes that words aren't enough to express how dearly she loves her friend, she turns to song, and we have to say, it really conveys the intesity of her feelings.

Andy Richter: Conan's long-time companion shares a semi-serious moment with us and reveals the true power of comedy. Turns out being able to make a room full of people laugh can be just as effective as knowing how to play the guitar, if someone happens to be, as he says, on the "unattractive" side.

Will Arnett: What's more touching on this night celebrating Poehler than a message from her loving husband. It's too bad that the video montage celebrating her acheivements gets put on the side as her hilarious other half lives up his moment in the spotlight.

Sarah Silverman It's tough to say what makes some people well-suited for a life of comedy, but one thing's for certain: a rich family life can definitely provide material for years. In this case, Sarah recalls some touching moments from her childhood when her older sister would babysit for her. It sounds adorable, so why then does she seem to have so many psychological scars from that time?

Zach Galifianakis: He uses Skype to make a steadfast appeal for individuals to donate to the Noreen Fraser Foundation. Only problem is, shutting off technology can be a challenge in itself. Fortunately, the funnyguy's mom is there to show him the ropes.

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