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We know you hate it when we pit your fave franchises against each other, but this sitch is just begging for it.

See, some of you Twilight-lovin' boasters were so confident that Breaking Dawn: Part 1 would best the final Harry Potter flick at the box office. But the numbers are in, and the vamp flick was nearly $20 million shy of the last hoorah at Hogwarts (heck, B.D. didn't even beat New Moon).

So what happened?!

We've compiled a list of excuses reasons that we think might explain the Breaking Dawn bummer.

It's Breaking Dawn: Part 2 That'll Set a Record!

OK, to be fair Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was the final final film in the book-turned-movie series, whereas Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is (obviously) only the first half. While there may have been oodles of excitement for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's big screen alter egos to tie the knot and get it on, the record-breaking box office haul could come with Bella and Edward's last big screen romp, which hits theatres next year.

Poor Reviews = Poor Performance, duh

Sure, director Bill Condon may have stuck to the books with his installment, but that still didn't earn him rave reviews. In fact—even though E! gave the movie a fair "B"—the movie got pretty dismal feedback across the boards. On the other hand, the final Harry Potter flick faired much better, with most reviewers praising the installment. We never knew Twi-hards to listen to peeps dissing their franchise, but who knows? Maybe they decided to sit this one out.

Vampires Are Totally Overexposed!

Some have been quick to blame the turnout on the fact that dudes didn't want to see Bella's totally girlie wedding, but maybe there are just better vamps that appeal to both guys and gals. And who are easily accessible on the small screen for no cost at all (or at least for cheaper than a trip to the theaters these days). We're talking about The Vampire Diaries or True Blood or any of the other bloodsuckers that have a little more edge than Stephenie Meyer's glittery gang.

So you tell us, Twi-hards and Potterheads alike, did Breaking Dawn get sabotaged at the box office? Is the vampire domination yet to come? Or is Harry Potter just, ya know, better? Sound off below!

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Why couldn¿t Breaking Dawn best Harry Potter at the box office?
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