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Justin Bieber is putting his molecules where his mouth is.

The "Baby" singer took a paternity test on Friday, E! News has confirmed, in hopes that he can finally shut down Mariah Yeater's claims that he fathered her infant son.

Before heading to Los Angeles for Sunday's American Music Awards, the Biebs took time out to head to a New Jersey lab, where, per TMZ, his sampe was collected under "very controlled circumstances." The by-the-books procedure was intended to make it difficult for Yeater's legal team to challenge the results.

Now all that's left is for Yeater to pony up a DNA sample from her 3-month-old son, Trystan. There has been no comment from her lawyer on whether that will happen anytime soon.

Should the results prove definitively he's not the daddy, Bieber's lawyers have threatened to sue the alleged baby mama for defaming his good name and rep.

The 20-year-old Yeater filed a paternity suit against the 17-year-old popster demanding financial support the child. Yeater claims that she and Bieber hooked up following an October 2010 concert at Los Angeles' Staples Center.

The Biebs has adamantly denied the allegations.

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After reports began surfacing that the San Diego native may have had the baby with someone else, Yeater abruptly withdrew the suit last week after her lawyers ditched her. She has since hired a new attorney who told E! News she's considering refiling.

After taking the paternity test, Bieber made it in time for the AMA rehearsals on Saturday, where he reportedly serenaded girlfriend Selena Gomez.

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