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Dear Ted:
I know The Hunger Games trailer was released right in the Twilight frenzy so it took a backseat on the gossip radar, but could you please give us some juice on this cast too? Is Josh Hutcherson still dating Vanessa Hudgens? Is Liam Hemsworth still dating Miley Cyrus? Please give us something!

Dear Hungry for Hunger Hunks:
Sure, Breaking Dawn may have overshadowed Katniss and her crew a little bit, but now that Bella has had her big box-office opening, H.G. is all I can think about. How friggin' amazing does this movie look?! Anyhoo, back to the dudes: Joshey and V are long over, but it was never very serious, so don't get too misty eyed. Liam and Miley on the other hand? Totally still on! And they're muy thankful you're still interested.

Dear Ted:
I just watched the Twi-hard Ellen special, and all I can think is awkward! Is Kristen Stewart over public niceties with Nikki Reed or what? She hugged Ashley Greene, but basically ignored Nikki. And then, during the last segment when they were standing in a semi-circle? Kellan Lutz rushed away from her side, and the whole cast was on the side of Robsten while Nikki stood by herself in the corner. Am I reading too much into this?

Dear Reeding Between the Lines:
You're not overreacting, doll. Certain cast dynamics have been rocky since, like, forever (or at least New Moon), but the series is wrapping up and everyone is apparently over faking it for the cameras. I've been saying it all along, but the cast is finally ready to 'fess up that things aren't quite so peachy behind the scenes.

Dear Ted:
Had a wild idea the other day and wanted to know what you thought about it. Since Ryan Gosling is so über-hot (and talented) right now, what about pairing him with Justin Theroux in a "bad guys" movie? Seems like both can do the "bad" thing well, and both ride bikes too?

Dear Casting Wizard:
I like where your head's at, C. Like yourself (and just about everyone, duh) I love a good bad boy, and I'd adore seeing these two hotties go toe-to-toe against each other with their smoldering looks and rock-hard abs. And hey, now that J.T. has the Jennifer Aniston stamp of approval, it's about time he got some bigger box-office biz, no?

Dear Ted:
I'm old enough that Natalie Wood was an icon to me. I've read all I can find about the reopening of her death investigation and everything I've seen so far—ya know, the down jacket, Wagner not calling for the Coast Guard right away, the arguing—is nothing new. I agree that we don't know how it occurred, but what's the compelling new evidence?
Sign me XXOO

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Dear Welcome to H-Wood:
Lucky timing? Ha! It's no coincidence that there's a new book coming out and they all of a sudden have new info. But as far as the case being reopened, it's probably a good thing. Shocking new evidence or not, they dismissed it so suddenly (more like: way too fast) when it happened. So another look couldn't hurt.

Dear Ted:  
I just read the Entertainment Weekly review for Breaking Dawn and I agreed strongly with one point: Don't the Twi fans deserve a decent movie? Don't the actors? What do they think of the reviews, or do they not care? I know the die-hards will defend whatever is put up on the screen, but by the fourth movie, you would think they would have learned something. And sorry, I think Kristen could have put an end to all that blinking, stuttering, lip biting, etc, by now.

Dear Buyer Beware:
Sure, B.D. might have gotten a lot of crappy reviews, but this flick was actually watchable, which some of the other Twi movies have so not been. As for the actors, they try their best with what they're given, but they're not expecting an Oscar for the work. And twitchy K.Stew is gone for good—at least that's what writer Melissa Rosenberg told me at the premiere, 'cause part two is all about vampy Bella.

Dear Ted:
Do Madonna and Lady Gaga really hate each other, or is it another publicity stunt?

Dear Blonde Ambition:
It's not a publicity stunt, but it's not exactly a two-way animosity either.

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