Amy Poehler, Will Arnett, Power Of Comedy Event

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Didya hear: Arrested Development is coming back!

We know. You've heard this one before. But as further evidence that our all-time favorite comedy might actually be back in business (for real!), we chatted up Will Arnett at Variety's Power of Comedy Awards, where wife Amy Poehler (heard of her?) was honored. So what did Will say about the new AD deal? And what did Amy and co-star Adam Scott have to say about that mind-blowing kiss on Parks & Recreation?

"It was just announced that we are going to make some more episodes," Will told us at the event benefiting the Noreen Fraser Foundation, "sort of a mini-series if you will, for Netflix. The prospect of doing it is really exciting for all of us!"

So how is Will going to juggle the new AD episodes with his current TV gig on NBC's Up All Night? The man we know and love as Gob Bluth just lets out a laugh and admits, "I have no idea."

Super-speedy Segway jaunts between next-door sets? Make it happen, NBC and Netflix!

Will also says that there are no details yet on where the series will pick up as far as the storyline, joking that his pitch would be: "OK, exterior: Night. A hard rain falls on Orange County. [Turns to Amy.] By the way, that's a great idea right? Don't for get that I said that."

Amy's other (TV life) love interest was also in the house, Adam Scott. And naturally we had to ask him about the kiss their two characters, Leslie and Ben, shared on the most recent ep of P-Rex, as it was probably one of the greatest all-time moments of the show.

So what comes next?

"It means a lot of complications," Adam tells us. "As we know she's trying to run a campaign and the whole reason we split up in the first place was to clear the way for the campaign. But now we made this decision to give it a shot...maybe. So it means a lot of complications. Funny complications. You'll just have to wait and see. The decision we make has a lot of consequences. The way the writers handle it is really, really interesting."

And the lovefest isn't only on camera, apparently, as Adam calls Amy "one of the better humans in the galaxy" and credits her for making P-Rex "the best job I've ever had."

In case you missed it, we also hit the Parks and Recreation set to get Amy's take on the big kiss, and she revealed, "It's not like every episode is just a reset and everybody is back to normal...Big things are coming and big things are happening. And if you're a fan of the show, you're gonna be really excited and really surprised!"

And just because we love 'em, a bit from Happy Endings' Casey Wilson and Adam Pally, who insist that despite the fan love for their ABC show, they are so not celebrities. Check out the video below, and keep an eye on E! Online today for exclusive videos from the Power of Comedy event...

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