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Ah, television. You bring us so much joy, and yet, sometimes we can hardly stand the programs you deliver to us. How many times can you bring us heartache with shark-jumping plot points, inconsistent characters and just plain bad writing?

If anyone is aware of the outrage of TV audiences, it's the Internet. And since we control the Internet (at least, our parents say we do), then it's our duty to find out which shows you guys will be deleting off your DVR...once and for all!

Now that we are several weeks into the new season and you've seen solid new contenders like Revenge, Once Upon a Time and New Girl, it's time to make some room.

So, barring a truly kickass midseason finale or a complete show overhaul, which series will be getting the boot from your DVR? We've rounded up the most-complained-about shows based on Twitter, our comments section and general feedback from the Web. Now we need you guys to help us narrow down the most in-danger DVR'd series.

After voting in our poll, head on down to the comments and give us a damn good reason why the show you voted for needs to be deleted. Next week, we'll post the top three shark-jumping shows and your reasons for giving them the ax. This is your time to strap on your TV smarty-pants and show off! The poll closes on Sunday, Nov. 27 at 12:00 p.m. PST.

Is the show you're sick of not in our poll? Write it in the comments! Just be sure to give us a good reason along with it. And by the way: "omg becuz so and so characters are totally not together!" is not a valid reason.

Let the venting commence!

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