Wow, It's Actually Happening! Arrested Development Reaches Deal to Produce New Episodes

Find out where you will see all-new episodes in early 2013

By Kristin Dos Santos Nov 19, 2011 1:43 AMTags
Arrested Development CastArt Streiber/FOX

Ron Howard, you are a man of your word, sir!

Just two days after the Arrested Development honcho told us his team was "fired up" about the show's return, and they were "tidying up the business side of things"...Whammo! A deal has been reached.

Arrested Development is coming back.

For real this time.

So where and when do you get to see it?

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Netflix! In early 2013.

Imagine Television and 20th Century Fox Television will be producing brand, spanking-new episodes of the critically acclaimed, fan-favorite comedy hit, five years after the show's cancellation. And fans will be able to see them "instantly" on Netflix, per a joint release that just went out.

"It sounds a little bit corny," Howard told us Tuesday, "but a lot of the reason the [cast and producers] want to do [the Arrested Development movie] is that they really feel like they want to respect what the fans are saying...Really, the fans have kept it going, not only in terms of executives realizing there's a real yearning for more Arrested Development, but also to just keep encouraging the creative team and keep making it pressing."

Yay you!

It is expected that all former Arrested castmembers will be on board for the new episodes in some capacity (even former holdout Michael Cera). We hopefully will be interviewing Mitch Hurwitz, Will Arnett and David Cross tomorrow night at the Power of Comedy Awards, so stand by for more scoop!

Don't even try to hide your thunder! Tobias would not approve. Join us in the comments section for a group celebration.

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