Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant's baby mama is resorting to extreme measures to protect her privacy.

A British High Court has approved an injunction on behalf of actress Tinglan Hong, with whom the Love Actually star had an unplanned child in September, forbidding paparazzi from snapping photos of her and the newborn outside her London home or in the street.

At least she's not being wiretapped right, Hugh?

Per the BBC, a judge granted the court order on Nov. 11 stating shutterbugs were making the 31-year-old's life "unbearable" and preventing her from even being able to leave her own home without being tailed everywhere she goes.

Consequently according to the court, Hong, whom Grant is no longer seeing, has been forced to change her phone number after receiving some "terrifying" calls from journalists.

The harassment didn't end there. According to the court, Hugh's former fling can't even take their baby daughter to the doctor without covering her face with a blanket to shield her from the cameras.

The injunction doesn't apply to any specific photographer. Instead, it IDs those "person or persons responsible for taking photographs of the claimants outside their home and in the street during November 2011."

The little bundle of joy born in September is a girl, but Hong has apparently not settled on a name yet. Instead the High Court has referred to her in court docs by the initials KLM and as doesn't want her identity disclosed in any case.

"While Hugh Grant is very well known, the first claimant [Ms. Hong] has never sought any publicity or been known to the public for any reason," wrote the judge. "She and Hugh Grant did their best to keep private the fact that the second claimant was their child and do not know how the information reached the public domain."

Of course, the 51-year-old thesp shouldn't be too surprised by the intense coverage given it's by some of the same U.K. tabloids that have been caught up in the News Corp. phone-tapping scandal (The Sun anyone?)

A publicist for Grant was unavailable for comment.

PICS: Baby Bumpin'

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