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Dear Ted:
I have two questions: First, is Elizabeth Reaser a Blind Vice and hints are welcome if she is! And second, is Nikki Reed friends with at least one of her castmembers from Twilight? I mean someone has to like her, right?

Dear Double Your Pleasure:
Well first, no, E.R. is clean as a whistle when compared to her vampy cohorts. The only thing of note here is how friggin' excited I am for her post-Breaking Dawn flick Young Adult. As for Nikki, she picks her pals outside the franchise these days, and she has no qualms saying so. Which is probably for the best, anyway.

Dear Ted:
Is Jackson Rathbone of Twilight fame a Vice star? He never seems to be in the tabloids; wondering if he's hiding something, or is he in fact just a good boy?

Dear Take Two:
Nope, tho Jax may occasionally come across as totally bizarro, he has not earned himself a moniker just yet. Which isn't to say there's no Twilight-related goss about the guy. It just has to do more with his acting chops (or lack thereof, some would say) than who he's hopping in bed with. That said, maybe he's a minor player in somebody else's Twi Vice? Hmm...

Dear Ted:
Finally getting a look at Beyoncé's dress from the oh-so-secret wedding long ago made me start wondering if a certain couple that we all love (though some choose not to believe it) were to make a real-life walk down the aisle into wedded bliss, would they keep it a secret from all but their near and dear, or actually let the world in on it—possibly after the fact?

Dear I Do, Right?
How coy of you to leave out the R-word. Robsten. I mean, duh. But slow down on the whole wedding chat; these two are nowhere near that point in their livesas much as Twi-hards would like to claim otherwise. But if they did tie the knot, it would definitely be a hush-hush affair.

Dear Ted:
It seems that lately Chris Colfer has stopped hanging out with his Glee pals. Has his success with first movie and his first book gone up to his head?

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Dear King of the Gleeks:
Well, neither of his side projects has hit the public, so he's not bigger than his peers just yet. But the Glee cast is just like high school, really; some people just click and some people so do not.

Dear Ted:
How much money will the tabloids lose if they don't write about Jennifer Aniston? Seriously, they are always making up stuff about her! Even when she has been MIA for months, some stupid tabloids still make up ridiculous stories. That can't be fun.

Dear Jenny From the Block:
I don't have an exact figure for ya, doll, but Jen is a page turner, which you know. And tabloids know that if they put her smiley mug (or better yet, a pic where she looks totally PO'd) on the cover, magazines will sell. Why do you think the Brangelina-Aniston triangle has gone on so long?

Dear Ted:
Another site is tattling about Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's "open marriage." I always thought you had more of an inside scoop on them then you let on, but that you opted for discretion and didn't air all their dirty little secrets. But now that Demi's divorcing Ashton, I gotta ask: Is she Cookie Muncher?

Dear Much on That:
You're right, D, especially with these two, there are some deets that I think are their biz only. Shocker, no?! But when it comes to Blind Vices, Demi's isn't Ms. Muncher. Cookie is happier with her relaysh lately than the cougarific (soon-to-be) ex-wifey. Much.

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