Parks and Recreation

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Holy heart stopper!

If you haven't yet watched last night's Parks and Recreation, stop right here and watch it before you read another word. There was a squee-worthy moment we so don't want to spoil for you.

So what comes next after that momentous moment? We just chatted with Amy Poehler on the P-Rex set to find out!

In case you were hit over the head with a fry pan and forgot, in last night's episode Leslie (Poehler) and Ben (Adam Scott) met in the cutest teeny-tiny park ever and gave us Parks and Recreation's best gasp-worthy moment yet: An unexpected, hot and heavy kiss! Fina-freaking-lly.

"I'm just so relieved they're back together!" Amy told us giddily (or maybe that was us) on the P-Rex set during a break from rehearsals. "It's been a bit of a struggle because Leslie had to decide, 'Should I stay with the guy I love and not run for office? Or should I run for office and break up with the guy that I love?' So now they've definitely made the decision they're gonna try to go for it."

Right. So what comes next? Well, given that Leslie and Ben are going against their bosses strict no-dating-a-coworker edict, and Leslie is running for City Council, it sure sounds like things are gonna get the most hilarious and romantic way, naturally.

Poehler tells us: "Now we find out what's gonna happen with Leslie's campaign and job and what is gonna happen with Ben's job. And what is exciting is things just keep moving forward and there are consequences. It's not like every episode is just a reset and everybody is back to normal."

And now, the money quote to get you Ben-Leslie fans even more squeally:

"Big things are coming and big things are happening," Amy promises. "And if you're a fan of the show, you're gonna be really excited and really surprised!"

Poehler chatted with us as she prepares for tomorrow night's Variety Power of Comedy event, where she will be honored. Will Ferrell, Will Arnett, Mitch Hurwitz, David Cross, Sarah Silverman and others will be on board to help support the Noreen Fraser Foundation, which focuses on women's cancer research.

E! News and E! Online have exclusive inside coverage of the big event, so check E! Online and E! News this Monday for all the (obviously) hilarious happenings and scoop.

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