Dexter, Michael C. Hall


You didn't think Dexter could be killed off, didya?

Despite a recent salary stalemate with star Michael C. Hall (whose previous contract just ended), Showtime has just announced that Dexter has been renewed.

For how long?

'Til the end of time!

OK, fine, that's just our wishful thinking. But Showtime has renewed Dexter for a seventh and eight season (season six is currently airing), and as uberfans we see this as a sign that Dexter Morgan still will be Saran-Wrapping his prey when he's old and grey and stalking via walker. Count on it.

Last month, reports surfaced that Michael C. Hall's contract negotiations had hit a stalemate, and the fate of Dexter was in jeopardy. According to Deadline, Showtime had offered M.C.H. $20 million for two more seasons, but the star wanted $24 million. No word yet on what number they reached, but thankfully they were able to iron out the details.

Dexter has been holding strong in the ratings: The season six premiere was the show's highest-rated premiere ever, drawing 2.2 million viewers. That's a 24 percent bump up from season five.

Anyone else looking forward to Dexter: The Golden Years? Or do you think two more seasons will be enough?

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