Incognito Anne Hathaway Takes Part in Occupy Movement

Actress' appearance was revealed when a Twitpic hit the internet

By Bruna Nessif Nov 18, 2011 1:33 AMTags
Anne Hathaway,

Hollywood continues to Occupy Wall Street, and not just to try and make some cash flow from it.

Despite her black-hooded jacket and sunglasses, Anne Hathaway was spotted taking a stand with her New York peers during a protest in Manhattan, which came to our attention thanks to a young lady by the Twitter handle of @Elana_Brooklyn who was able to find the celeb's face in the crowd and share her appearance via Twitpic.

"Anne Hathaway supports students! Love! Blackboards Not Bullets sign," she wrote.

Elana Levin, a 32-year-old web consultant tells E! News that the star showed up with her homemade sign to show support for recent decisions affecting the education system.

"I did not approach her but it was clearly her. Other folks near me recognized her too but were very respectful," Levin tells us.

"It was a rally of about 2,000, mostly college students, protesting against school budget cuts and in support of free college for all, and for NYU adjuncts who still don't have a union contract," Elana tells us. "It was part of Occupy Wall Street Day of Action where lots of rallies happened around the whole city."

Beautiful, funny and believes school really is cool? How can you not love Anne Hathaway?!