Moroccan Cannon, Monroe Cannon


Really, they can't. Not that we blame them, of course.

Adorable tots Moroccan and Monroe—aka Roc and Roe, further aka "Our Little Crab Cakes" (swoon)—were ready for their close-ups and then some, as proud papa Nick Cannon tweeted a veritable mini baby book of shots of his and Mariah Carey's darling duo today.

In one of the shots, Roe is "reading" the children's book My Mother Is Mine, which Cannon humbly captioned, "Look at Daddy's Little Genius!"

In another, the page is not-so-subtly turned to a rather appropriate passage, given the gal's maternal heritage: "My mother sings high. My mother sings sweet."

He also posted a pic of a simply glamorous party thrown in honor of the twins, complete with "Dem Babies" custom balloons (naturally)—and are those Mama Mariah's legs we spy in the background?

While they're all adorable, the cutest in our minds goes to his little crab cakes. Could those crustacean cuties be any sweeter? We thought not.

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