Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling

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Dear Ted:
I feel bad for Bradley Cooper and the backlash regarding his Sexiest Man title. That's fine that people think Ryan Gosling should have won, but is it necessary to go on about how Brad doesn't deserve it? Nothing like being declared sexy just to hear the world go on and on and on about how you're not.

Dear Broken Hearted Beauty:
Not everyone is saying Brad isn't sexywe certainly weren't—just that Ry was probably more deserving of the title this year. And we're not the only ones who think so. Look at the facts: Ry has wooed almost every gorge gal in H'wood and he breaks up street fights while showing off his buffed up guns. If that isn't Sexiest Man Ever fodder, we don't know what is...But congrats, B.

Dear Ted:
Don't you feel badly for Armie Hammer? The man is stuck in that terrible-looking Mirror, Mirror. I can see why people are voting for Chris Hemsworth, because they haven't seen that Armie can act. He was amazing in J. Edgar, literally heart stopping. The trailer for Mirror, Mirror makes Armie's Prince Charming look infantile. I really feel for the guy. What gives?

Dear Hammer Time:
Feel bad? Hardly, K. Sure, the film looks like a ABC Family Original flick, but he'll get some box office mojo for the effort and it won't hurt his big screen reputation—if anything, it'll probably help his career...And the shirtless scenes sure won't hurt his sex appeal

Dear Ted:
I was watching a great movie the other day, Hairspray, and the star-filled cast sparked my interest. We all know Zac Efron and John Travolta have Blind Vices, but what about the others: Brittany Snow, James Marsden, Michelle Pfeiffer, Amanda Bynes, Nikki Blonsky, and Queen Latifah? Do they have a spot in your Blind Vice archive? My puppies send kisses!

Dear Splitting Hairs:
Two of 'em do. One is royally obvious and the other not so much. And the not so obvious one is far more scandalous. Kisses back to your puppies!

Dear Ted:
I loved reading comments to your Mail posts, but now that I'm in Europe, I am automatically transferred to the UK site. It's no fun. Why oh why can't we choose which site we want to go to?

Dear Uncle Sam Comes A-Callin':
You can, J. At the very bottom of the site is a flag. If you click it, you can choose which edition of the site you are reading. That should probably work for you, babe. Oh, and while we're speaking tech, my IT pals tell me there's a surprise in store for the comments soon...Think we'll have to have a party for this one!

Dear Ted:
You gotta give me some goss on Jason Segel! With The Muppets coming out soon, I'm wondering what his Vice could be. Is he possibly the dorky, desperate Adam Pounce-Prick?

Dear Blast from the Past:
Think even more ancient than that. Jas hasn't been Vicey in a long time and even when he was it was lame-o compared to most of the juicy fodder that comedians are serving up. Segel's favorite BV season is fast approaching though, maybe this will be the year he returns to his no-good ways?

Dear Ted:
With all of Nikki Reed's drama do you think what she's saying about Rob and Kristen is true? Did they let success get to them and ruin their friendship with Nikki? Or is she just being bitter?

Dear Twi-Harder:
It wasn't success that got between these three, doll.

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