Amber Heard, Mystery Lady


She may be better known for her sultry lad-mag photo spreads, but last night it was a mystery lady friend Amber Heard was sweet on.

Paparazzi caught The Rum Diary actress—who has been more than open about her label-eschewing sexuality—locking lips with her pretty pal on the street.

So who's she puckering up with?

Well, we're not exactly sure.

She certainly seems to share the same raven good looks as Heard's most recent on-record girlfriend (whom she began seeing back in 2008), photographer and artist Tasya Van Ree, but as of now, her PDA pal has yet to be positively identified.

Still, what we do know is that Heard was pretty pleased to shower the brunette beauty with affection after the duo emerged from sharing dinner together at the Figaro Café in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, offering up a smooch and embracing hug before the ladies parted ways.

Of course, it's always possible these two are simply platonic pals enjoying a catch-up meal. Less titillating to the masses, but possible all the same.

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