Joy Behar

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We were hoping this announcement would never come.

Remember, we told you two months ago that HLN insiders said Joy Behar's ratings just weren't up to snuff and that there was a very real chance her show, The Joy Behar Show, would get the axe. And even though her peeps said otherwise, the cancellation news came today.

Sources at HLN tell us, "I can confirm that the show has not been renewed."

How friggin' disappointing, right?!

‘Cause this is definitely one of the times we didn't want our sources to be dead-on.

"I am very proud of the show that we created at HLN, and I owe tremendous thanks to the show team who made it possible," Joy said in a statement released in the wake of her cancellation.

She will keep taping until mid-December, and her show is set to stay on air until the end of the year, but then it's sayonara to the brassy babe—at least when it comes to the prime-time circuit.

And we think that's a damn shame. We've said it before and we'll say it again: Joy is an asset to the late-night interview crowd and her interviewing skills are much stronger than some of her peers (who we shall not name).

Now that Joy's on the way out, we wish there was another outspoken gal we could turn to. But there aren't many...or, well, any really.

Scott Safon, executive vice president for CNN Worldwide, released a statement saying, "Joy and her team produced over 500 episodes of a show that featured news-making interviews, great conversation and plenty of humor." 

We agree, Scotty, so why the heck is she getting cancelled?! Ratings shmatings, we say.

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