Nigel Barker, Dominique, America's Next Top Model

Walter Sassard/The CW

Can someone give these girls a dose of confidence?

We understand there are only five girls left (four after tonight's episode), but now is not the time to start doubting yourself and worry about all the other competitors.

While Angelea explained that she's confused as to why she's been on the bottom two so often and not Dominique hasn't, Lisa shared that her biggest threat is Allison because "she blinks and they freak out."

Sigh, focus ladies!

Critics' Choice: The remaining five girls met with Miss J. Alexander to critique themselves based on their runway walk and photos. Sure, there was some constructive criticism. And when asked, "Who do you think shouldn't be here?" almost all the girls refused to name someone. Except Dominique, who said Angelea.

"Y'all Bitches": Suddenly, the other girls decided to chime in and agree with Dom, saying how Angelea is too guarded. Tears start flowin', because the girls "love" Angelea (who clearly feels attached to them as well). Laura, the country sweetheart, even started yelling and let us know, in case we were confused at any point, that she was mad at Miss 716's lack of effort to show all of her talents. So much for trying to get through to her. Angelea just walked out pissed and cursing each one of them. But when it was her turn to choose who doesn't deserve to be an all-star, she said, "None of them."

Wait, What? When it came time to individually write down the weakest and strongest link, Allison was chosen as the one with the least potential and Laura had the highest. That doesn't correlate with what just happened at all! Whatever. Everyone (kind of) got over it once they teamed up with one of Greece's socialites for a boat ride and dancing.

Let the Games Begin: The models had to incorporate accessories and reenact a sport from the ancient Olympic games for their photo shoot, which was shot by none other than judge Nigel Barker. So when Lisa got hurdles, she started to hold back since the panel always put her down for jumping. But once Nigel told her that was "absurd," she let it out and did beautifully.  Same with Laura, who pushed through that mask over her face and totally channeled a warrior princess with her bow and arrows. Angelea and her "pot shot" (she meant shot put) weren't as glamorous.

Goodbye, Greece: As Tyra Banks said, "The ancient Olympic flame is out, because we have reached a decision." Laura got best photo, again. And Angelea was in the bottom two, again. This time, with her frenemie Dominique. Surprisingly, being someone who could crack under pressure but is memorable is worth more than being somewhat boring. Case in point: Dominique was sent home.

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