Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield


Dear Ted:
So I've seen tons of pictures of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield out lately and I totally believe they are a couple. They don't seem to be hiding it anymore, but do you think they're going to come out and confirm their relationship or they'll keep saying that they're just friends? I'd love it if he said Emma was his girlfriend!

Dear Negative:
I see a total Brangelina here, i.e., never a whif of confirmation, then, all of a sudden they're talking in the press like they're a couple, even though nobody ever actually said it.

Dear Ted:
The Glee writers are giving Lea Michele nothing to work this season. She sang two duets and was a backup on the music numbers, and her plot arc is really small. So now that Lea has some free time and since they aren't using her acting chops on Glee, how come the Hollywood producers don't cast her for some movie? She is a talented girl and would rock the big screen.
Cine Girl

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Dear Glee Gal:
Look, Lea isn't exactly hurting for attention. She's everywhere all the time. You don't think she wants to do movies? You bet your last buck she does. This super poser turned Glee star has had her sights set on the big screen since day one, and who can blame her. Glee is merely just a means to her small screen ends. All this graduation talk has me confused, but has to mean bigger and better things for the whole cast. Just hold your horses. You'll be seeing more of Lea in the future, not less. 

Dear Ted:
Here's a Glee rivalry I never even thought of: Cory Monteith and Naya Rivera. They seemed to fight so well onscreen in this week's episode that I wonder if there's any real issues between the two behind-the-scenes. Life imitates art, right? And I hear that Naya is getting quite the diva reputation, so I wouldn't be surprised.
—Concerned Gleek

Dear Bore Me, Already:
Why is it always the woman who's supposed to be the diva? Maybe both sexes apply in the bitchy little scenario you're conjuring up, eh? Show a little imagination!

Dear Ted:
What's with all the pictures of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and babies? I know Biebs has the whole baby daddy scandal right now, so why would Selena pose with one? Is she trying to overshadow the girl saying Bieber got her pregnant? Or do Selena and Bieber want to have a baby soon?

Dear Think About It:
Selena's just doing what any girlfriend would do for her guy who found himself in a bind: Doing what she can to help out. Period.

Dear Ted:
Hubba, hubba at Bradley Cooper! People magazine got it right!! Just saying.
Jan Romes

Dear To Each Her Own:
Look, Bradley's totally gorge, I get that. I just don't think he sticks around for the long haul, that's all. And doesn't that make the man even sexier, being there? 

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