Snow White and the Huntsman, Chris Hemsworth, Armie Hammer, Mirror, Mirror

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Now that you've had a taste of each upcoming Snow White flick, we wanna know which castmembers really are fairer than their fairy-tale counterparts?

We're squaring off the Snows, bitchy queens and man candy of each film, and this time we aren't saving the best for last: We're letting the fellas duke it out right off the bat.

So which delicious dude would you rather live happily ever after with: Chris Hemsworth or Armie Hammer?

First up, there's Snow White and the Huntsman's sexy (and scruffy) Chris H.

While he may not be the prince in this par-tick flick (that honor is left to Sam Claflin), Chris is definitely the numero uno hunk destined to win Kristen Stewart's heart. And if you peeped the trailer, you know that he's going to kick a lot of ass too.

But if wielding a battle ax and going toe-to-toe with killer trolls, pesky dwarves and Charlize Theron herself isn't your cup of tea there's always Mirror Mirror's much more charming—and family friendly—Armie H.

Armie has that whole prince vibe down, what with his glossy hair and glittering smile. And he's (arguably) already in the lead when it comes to sex appeal, appearing shirtless in the trailer to show off what's under those royal garbs. We're sure Lily Collins approves.

But we want to know which Snow White guy you prefer: sugar and spice and everything nice à la Mr. Hammer or a walk on the wild side with Chris' Huntsman?!

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Which Snow White suitor is more your speed?
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