Kate Gosselin

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And here we thought Kate Gosselin's home life was a zoo.

The erstwhile reality star was minus her famous 8 when she touched down in Australia this week, turning up at Australia Zoo to participate in Steve Irwin Day, so deemed in honor of the zoo's beloved founder (wonder how many coupons she had to clip to pay for that ticket).

So what'd she get up to Down Under?

Though her brood was back in the U.S., the 36-year-old blonder-than-ever mama took part in the Brisbane celebration, joining the late Crocodile Hunter's kids, Bindi and Robert, and widow, Terri.

Gamely donning the standard zoo khakis, Gosselin cuddled with koalas, fed a croc (naturally), posed for plenty of pics during the charitable day and even left her handprints in the zoo's walk of fame.

Kate spent the previous week tweeting her excitement over the trip, writing, "Here in Aussland&having SO much fun!Wish my kids were here2-greatly missed!

"I am looking forward 2 Steve Irwin Day tomorrow! Always amazed by the beauty of this, my 2nd favorite country!:)"

As for those kids (who incidentally did get the chance to visit Australia with their mama earlier this year), fear not. They were left in the care of papa Jon Gosselin, back in Pennsylvania—though not for too much longer.

Kate and her ever-present bodyguard were spotted traipsing through the Brisbane airport just this morning, en route back to the States. Hang tight, kids. Mama's coming home!

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