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Not since the days of Puckleberry versus Finchel in season one ­has Glee sparked such a hot debate!

In last night's episode, Finn (Cory Monteith) unintentionally (we think) outed Santana (Naya Rivera) after going off on her in the middle of the school's crowded hallways. Fans of Santana rallied, calling what Finn did was unforgivable. In rebuttal, Finn fans claimed that Santana was a big bully, and he shouldn't be blamed for her secret getting out. Who's in the right here?

Both Finn fans and Santana supporters gave us great arguments in the comments of last night's Glee-Dux, so we rounded up the best ones as a way of presenting both sides of the debate. After absorbing the information, vote in our Finn versus Santana poll so we can attempt to settle this TV showdown.

We present to you: the 2011 Glee Debate: Finn vs. Santana!

For Team Finn:

"I understand that being outed is not cool. I understand that one needs to come to terms with it and handle it in their own time and way. BUT. Santana's behaviour over the last three years has been nothing short of despicable. She has bullied and bitched her way through every kind of student, be it via their weight or appearance or heritage. The only person she is nice to is Brittany and I say this as a BIG fan of both Naya and Santana. Finn just reacted. It was without malice or diabolical intent, he just snapped and given everything she put him and everyone else through, physically and emotionally, this episode and the MANY before it, Santana had it coming. Finn on the other hand, didn't. He has been confused and conflicted but never vindictive. That slap was unfair and just because she is getting a taste of her own medicine, Santana had no right to do that to him. A girl would have slapped her right back as well as in that corridor. Finn is a gentleman and did not."—Nicole

For Team Santana:

"It makes me sick to think people feel Santana deserved to be outed. Outing someone is NEVER justified. I may agree with what Finn said, but the fact that he said it in a crowded, public hallway makes me lose even more respect for him. Santana has been a mega-bitch, throwing insults around left and right, but you just don't do that—especially when someone is still completely dependent on their parents (not all parents can be like Burt). If Finn would have said that to her in private, I would definitely be looking at him a lot differently. Shame."—Ky

UPDATE 2:22 p.m.: Polls are back up! Have at it!

Glee Poll: Finn Vs. Santana
Who deserves the blame?

As always, you can post your own evidence to support who you voted for, because who doesn't love a good fandom fight…as long as everyone plays nice! You hear us? We are watching each and every one of you.

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