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Dear Ted:
I have a couple of questions about my fave Blind Vice star, Nevis Divine. First, how is Nevis doing professionally and personally? Is he happy with both at the moment? Also, if you love Nevis as much as I do, do you worry more about his career or love life?

Dear Blind Paranoia:
I don't worry about either, doll. Nevis is doing well in both departments...very well.

Dear Ted:
The timing of Nikki Reed's Seventeen article is perfect. Her part is so small in the franchise she needs the relevance. The sad part is she has talent. I guess she is using the all-press-is-good-press move to get her name out. Why didn't she say anything before? Probably because she didn't want to get the Rachelle Lefevre treatment.
Selina Ruiz-Cabrera

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Dear Good One:
You got that right about Rachelle! Keep your trap shut until the final two movies are in the can, baby! Also, I completely agree about Nikki having talent. She really is above all this. Why can't she see that?

Dear Ted:
With all the Twilight press and conventions, I started thinking about all of their Blind Vices and was wondering about some of the older Cullens. Does Peter Facinelli have any current Vices? He used to be seen with his wife, Jennie Garth, on the red carpet and in photo ops, but I haven't seen her around and he hasn't been wearing a wedding ring. Do you have any news on them?

Dear Confessions of a Twi Dad:
Don't let that devilish grin lead you astray, Peter's one of the few Twi stars without a Vice. That said, even non-Vicers have problems. Sure hope (and doubt) Peter's among them, at least not now.

Dear Ted:
I think Nikki Reed was done wrong! I've been in this situation and I'm sure Robert Pattinson used her to make Kristen Stewart jealous and told her all these sweet things as guys do. Then as soon as Kristen wanted him, he dumped her! I looove Nikki and I hope her marriage makes her happy because she deserves it!.
Amanda Clark

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Dear Girls Gone Crazy:
Look, Nikki may not be showing super smarts right now, but, trust me, back when she and Rob had their fling, she was hardly clingy about it. It was just that, a fling. No biggie. Everybody (including Nikki, judging by her slight bitchiness after the fact) is making much too big a deal out of it unfortunately.

Dear Ted:
I've heard it said that a Vice's moniker often reflects their real name (same number of syllables, three-named people have three-named vices). Would I be correct in assuming that this is not true of Nicole Kidman's Vice. —Mike

Dear Yes:
Sometimes it's true and sometimes it's not. Not all monikers follow the rules—and whoever said rules exist? 

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Dear Ted:
Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock had just one dinner together, accompanied by their publicist no less, and already the internet is buzzing with them dating and being in love. Now I could ask you if there's any truth to these rumors, but I'm pretty sure they're just friends, so instead I'm going to ask you: Have they ever been featured together in one of your Blind Vice items?

Dear Double Blind:
They have Blinds, doll, but not together. 

 Dear Ted:
I saw Beyoncé on Jimmy Fallon's show last week and for supposedly being six months along, she didn't look pregnant at all. What's up with that?

Dear Bump Watch:
According to her people, the segment was pretaped back in July. Since things like this are pulled all the time in the talk-show arena, she'll get the benefit of the doubt on this one.

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