Since we haven't talked Twilight at all, we decided to end the day with something exciting…you know, like, Twilight!

But really, we have to take issue with Ms. Stephenie Meyer, ‘cause girl went ahead and dissed the very name her fans have made so popular. 

So, what did the ultimate Twi-hard have to say about the infamous term?

She hates it. 

That's right, you read correctly. In an interview with E! News' own Jason Kennedy airing today, Steph admitted her disdain for the expression:

"I don't really like 'Twi-hard.' It sounds awful."

Really, Steph?! We think it sounds like you've got a huge bunch of devoted fans who identify with your work, and it's kind of fabulous that they've created their own personalized term, right?

Of course it is.

Still, she did say she liked one Twilight-related nickname. Which one?

Robsten, of course.

"I guess the Robstens are really funny to me," she dished. "You know, because they care so much about that relationship. It's just, I find it amusing."

Amusing? Well, that's not the word we'd use, but we will say the Robsten fans are passionate.

And you've got to love that.

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