Silhouette, Girl, Question Mark

You know we live to dish about anything mysterious here at the A.T.

So, when we got the scoop on the IMDb mystery woman, we had to start a little guessing game of our own. 

Even though thinks they know whodunit, we think you Awful readers are the best detectives of all.

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Here's what we do know:

The woman's original suit reveals she's an Asian woman, residing in Texas, who's around 40 years old.

We also know the woman claims she lost out on loads of roles after the site revealed her true age, so we're searching for a much younger-lookin' gal who's not at the top of her Tinsel Town game. Now onto the guessing...

Could it be Lucy Liu? Girl's career did peak after her role in Charlie's Angels, and she does look much younger than her real age, 43. But the gal has had a steady flow of jobs regardless of her birth date, so it seems unlikely she would resort to a lawsuit. 

Or, what about Maggie Q? For starters, she's gorgeous, and her current IMDb profile reveals she's 32 years old. Come to think of it, a pretty face like that would be devastated if the world knew she was really pushing 40. Then again, she's got a solid gig as Nikita, so maybe she is 32, after all. 

But maybe, Kelly Hu is a better guess? The one-time Miss Teen USA has been working in H'wood forever, but no doubt, she hasn't starred in a hottie role for some time. Plus, her age is listed as 43, and according to the mystery woman, that would make her, say, totally expired in Hollywood?

But if Kelly hasn't hit her expiration date, perhaps we should look at Sandra Oh? Girl's age is listed at 40 years old, but she doesn't seem the type to buy into the exhausting and sadly ridiculous (but true) H'wood ageism thing. On the other hand, maybe she's worried about a gig, post-Grey's Anatomy?

Or perhaps, this mystery woman has us all fooled and she's got just one measly 1988 movie-of-the week to her credit and she just started the whole friggin' thing for publicity?

Sound off, Awful readers, and let us know who you think the mystery woman is!

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