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Dear Ted:
I'm hoping you think there might be a chance for my favorites: Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. My two other dream screen couples, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams and Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, seem completely over. Should I continue to hold out hope that Blake Lively is just a diversion for now? I sure hope so!

Dear Living It Lively:
Sorry to disappoint you, S, but Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are the real deal—at least for now. We're not entirely fond of this couple either, but doubt the pair will last for long. As for your other fave couples? If there was any chance of reconciliation, it would definitely be from Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. And in the meantime? You may not be a fan of Blake and Ry, but no doubt, the duo provides fabulous eye candy. Enjoy!

Dear Ted:
Maybe you answered this previously, but what is the scoop with Dianna Agron and Lea Michele's friendship? I keep hearing how they are both at the very least bisexual. Then, of course there are the rumors that Dianna and Alex Pettyfer's relationship was only PR and that both ladies' boyfriends were just beards. I do remember Dianna writing on her tumblr after the "likes girls" T-shirt incident that she was not a lesbian so why do people not take her word? She seems like a girl who loves the boys, although probably too much with the "bad boys." So confused and wondered if you could set the record straight.

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Dear Loving the Ladies?
You're right in saying both of these Glee gals love their men. And trust, both Dianna's relaysh with Alex Pettyfer and Lea's with her ex Theo Stockman were very real. As for why people love to goss these two are together? Perhaps it's the Ryan Murphy factor, or the sexy onscreen relaysh between Naya Rivera and Heather Morris. Either way, it's just dudes for these two hotties. For now.

Dear Ted:
What's the deal with Riley Keough and Alex Pettyfer? On-set fling or the real thing? I happen to know that Alex falls hard and falls fast, but I don't know about Riley.

Dear Magical Love:
You're right, Alex does fall hard and fast, and the dude's totally smitten with Riley Keough, according to our sources on the Magic Mike set. Too soon to tell if Riley feels the same about the dude, but Pettyfer certainly is completely horny ga-ga, and with all the sexiness on that set, it's no surprise! 

Dear Ted:
Call me crazy, but what do you think of Rooney Mara and Chris Pine together? They're both so low-key, badass and over the H'wood scene—can't you kinda see it?

Dear Matchmaker:
They're both just getting started in the Biz, so I like where you're going with this. As far as being over the H'wood scene? Chris may be a sweetheart, but I hear he knows how to party.  

Dear Ted:
What's with Nikki Reed's latest interview with Seventeen? I get that they're all doing press for Breaking Dawn, but why stir the pot now after filming is done with. Can't she just move on?

Dear Sour Grapes:
Because Nikki is so ready for her spotlight, but with the major Robsten hype and the hotness that is Taylor Lautner, Twilight didn't exactly give her as much as she hoped for—clearly. Seems like she's ready to move on from it all (but not without some major blabbing, first). Though with the last film not coming out ‘til next year, she may be out of luck on that front. Until then? We'll just wait for her Twilight tell-all

Dear Ted:
What's up with Kristen Stewart's ever-present publicist? Every time I see pictures of K.Stew at an event such as the Breaking Dawn premiere and the MTV awards, you always see a picture of that blonde lady. Is Kristen her biggest client, or is she trying to make sure Kristen doesn't say anything she isn't supposed to?

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Dear Oops:
Both, babe. Image is everything in this town, and you don't have to be a Twi-hard to know that an interview with K.Stew right now is like finding a friggin' a golden ticket. As long as the press is hounding her, she'll have her publicist by her side.

Dear Ted:
What is up with the contrived rivalry some of your readers are trying to stir up between Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence? It's really pretty scary and I'm pretty sure soundless. Do these two actresses even know each other?

Dear The Tween Franchise Games:
Both babes star in book-to-movie franchises, and the comparisons may as well stop there. Whether or not you think Jen dissed K.Stew by saying that The Hunger Games is not the new Twilight, the two haven't met, so we can be off celebrity beef patrol for now.

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