Nikki Reed

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Watch out, Twi-hards, because Nikki Reed has found her fangs, and she's ready to bite.

Which is exactly why the gal opened up slammed her costars while chatting it up with Seventeen magazine and revealed exactly why there won't be any friendly sleepovers once Twilight wraps. 

Looks like Nikki's unleashed her inner vamp—this pretty face is doing some serious Twilight trashin'...

Color us not surprised this gal's got major beef with her costars (hello, we've been talking the Robsten-Reed love triangle for ages), and N.K. certainly had no qualms telling Seventeen she's over hanging with the Twilight crew:

"In the beginning, it was innocent and fun, and we were like one big happy family—it was like being at sleepaway camp. And then success comes along and changes the dynamic."

Uh, you mean success comes along for your costars (Nikki was famously cut from almost all of New Moon) and dumps you off the Twilight fame train? Why else would you release a rather unfortunate single with your husband the same day of the Breaking Dawn premiere? Yeah, we thought so. 

Nik continued, adding to her argument:

"We're not all best friends, and we're not all going to hang out together after the final movie is done."

Also, Nikki, you're forgetting a dynamic that helped change everything: getting romantically involved with the guy who would turn out to be your bestie's boy-toy isn't exactly the best way to stay popular on set. 

So, since Nikki is, shall we say opinionated on her relaysh with costars (and especially Rob and Kris), did she express any regret over how the drama's all gone down?

A bit:

"It was very, very sad. Let's just leave it at that. Attachments grow when you're working with the same people for so long. People are friends, people fall in love, people get in fights."

And since we're fully aware of Nikki's former attachments, it's no surprise the gal wants to put it all behind her:

"I don't feel particularly sentimental. I feel like we're all sort of ready to graduate middle school and move on to whatever the next chapter is," she explains in an interview with Popcorn Biz.

And no doubt Nikki will move on—after all, girl is certainly the prettiest of the Twilight bunch and she's arguably got some of the best talent to back it up. So the jealously is really no surprise since Nikki had already starred in multiple films and had penned Thirteen before she signed on for Twilight

So, Nikki, since you've got talent for days, instead of giving these interviews piece by piece, why don't you start writing your Twilight tell-all?

How deliciously divine that book would be. 

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