Breaking Dawn After Party Interior

Courtesy Line 8 Photography

Wanna see how Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner partied last night?

Well, now you can!

We got our hands on some inside pics of the Breaking Dawn: Part 1 premiere party just minutes before all the festivities kicked off after the screening.

Talk about a garden party! Who knows how many white flowers were used to recreate the Bella and Edward's wedding? Tables featured centerpieces of white candles, flowers and green foliage.

Tree stumps, moss and wood benches and tables completed the look of the forest nuptials.

A dance floor was illuminated with blue-tinted spotlights.

The wedding cake looked ridiculously yummy, as did the matching cupcakes.

There were white leather couches throughout the space. Tropical flowers, palm trees and glowing orange full "moon" marked the honeymoon area.

As close to 3,000 people enjoyed the affair (produced by Chad Hudson Events), Pattinson, Stewart and Taylor were among the first to leave because they had a plane to catch for Breaking Dawn's London premiere.

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