Kim Kardashian, Marie Claire

Marie Claire

If only she knew then what we know now.

Just a few weeks after her ill-fated wedding to Kris Humphries, then-glowing newlywed Kim Kardashian sat down with Marie Claire to discuss her whirlwind marriage and, naturally, defend her coupling against claims she rushed too quickly down the altar.

And while the interview may not exactly be timely, per say, it does give a nice lesson or two in the sometimes startling clarity of hindsight…

"We felt like, 'Why wait?' " cover girl Kim told the mag, answering critics who thought perhaps she and Kris shouldn't have made quite so hurried a trip down the aisle. "It's fun to have a partner who understands your life and lets you be you."

At the time of the interview, the tabloids were full of what the magazine referred to as "ominous postnuptial plot developments" about trouble in paradise—which sadly, turned out to be true—but at the time, Kim was adamant that the only thing she was feeling for her husband was wedded bliss.

"I feel like where we're at right now is the best time in my life," she said, going on to heap praise on her then-husband.

"I'm not worried about him at all. We have a lot of trust, and I don't think either of us would do anything to break that. It makes life so easy. He's such a good guy; he is so down-to-earth, and it's such a reality check. He is a normal guy, and I just want to chill out and be normal and not get glammed up all the time. He gets it. Sometimes my life can be really intimidating for people, but he allows me to work and do what I've gotta do."

The 31-year-old also spoke about her brief first marriage, to music producer Damon Thomas, and said it taught her a lot about how a partnership works.

"As unhappy as I was, and as happy as I am now not to be in that relationship, I learned so much from it: who I wanted to be, who I never wanted to be—you take all those issues and move on.

"I learned how to cook and do a lot of marital things. It definitely taught me what being a wife is all about. I think it means taking care of each other's needs and being there for someone unconditionally."

Buck up, Kim. Third time's a charm.

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