Did Robert Pattinson's Breaking Dawn Wedding Scene With Kristen Stewart Give Him Any Ideas?

Is someone letting big screen events inspire reality? Actor dishes at the film's premiere

By Bruna Nessif Nov 15, 2011 7:00 AMTags

Oh, the romance!

Twilight fans alike can't help but parallel the relationship between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen to the one Robert Pattinson has with reported real-life girlfriend Kristen Stewart. Can you blame us?!

So what was the sparkly vamp thinking when he saw his main lady walking down the aisle in a white dress?

As much as we'd like to hear that he had an epiphany and decided to make that wedding a reality, 'twas not so.

His first thought was, "I gotta learn to do some acting now."

But he does admit to E! News that "she looked like she was so terrified, she was so amazing and everyone was looking at her. You suddenly realize how nerve-wrecking it is for women..."

Um, yeah. Can you say pressure?!

Watch the clip to hear more wedding talk with Edw—er, we mean, Rob.