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What a tangled web Gossip Girl weaves!

In tonight's episode, we had some patented Waldorf scheming, mistaken identities, fake kisses, performance art and so much more. And so much more included some major drama between the show's core couple: Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester), who seem more confused about their feelings for each other than ever.

So let's get into it, shall we? 

Blair Still Cares: Rattled by Chuck's epic apology at the end of last week's episode, Blair is convinced that the new and improved Chuck is an act and makes it her mission to expose him and prove that he's still the same old Chuck who only cares about himself. Basically, he's "Chucking" with her head and she's starting to question whether she made the right choice by being with Louis (Hugo Becker), who sat this episode out. (We were devastated. Really.) So naturally, Blair's plan is to seduce Chuck to prove he hasn't changed. It works as Chuck kisses her at some weird performance art party of The Big Sleep and she slaps him, relieved to know she's made the right choice.

But there's a twist! Chuck knew what Blair was up to and kissed her to let her go, to help her believe what she was trying to convince herself all week, despite shamelessly throwing herself at her ex-boyfriend. We have to say we were really disappointed in Blair's behavior in this episode and really felt for Chuck, who clearly still has feelings for Blair. Girl, you are pregnant and engaged. It's time to grow up. (But A+ for the Sabrina dream! Oh, how we've missed Blair's Audrey Hepburn fueled slumbers! And how hot was Chuck in that dream?!)

Max is Back: We knew Ivy's (Kaylee DeFer) ex-boyfriend Max had to reappear eventually as it would be a crime for a CW show to waste a face that pretty. Turns out Max is in town for a job interview at a restaurant and immediately hits it off with...Serena (Blake Lively), his ex-girlfriends pretend cousin! Awk-to-the-ward! While Serena was planning on using a date with Max to help her blogs for Diana's (Elizabeth Hurley) website, she feels bad for him as she genuinely likes him. Diana, however, has different plans and by episode's end, convinces Serena she needs to go head-to-head with Gossip Girl herself to stand up for herself and Charlie. Oh, and Max is definitely still interested in Serena. Can ya blame him? 

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Diana's Schemes Get Crazy: Bear with us on this one because there were so many twists and turns in Diana's plan in this episode that we think we may need a diagram to figure it out. Basically, Diana, the cougar, is mad at Charlie, the cub, for grabbing Nate's (Chace Crawford) attention. Her next move? Force Charlie to go on a date with Nate to the party, so she could catch them and make him feel guilty. But wait, there's more! Diana then tricks Charlie into kissing Max, which Nate obviously sees and feels so betrayed that he goes running back to Diana. Still with us? So then Diana fires Charlie and says Max will soon expose her lies so she has no use for her anymore. Way harsh. Judging from Max's reaction to seeing Ivy as Charlie on Gossip Girl, we're thinking he's definitely going to expose her. Ruh roh! If that wasn't enough drama for you, it turns out Diana is working with Nate's grandfather! Yes, Nate and Serena seem to be pawns in their game...but what game are they playing exactly? Time will well...

Dan's in the Dumps: Let's keep this short and quick: Dan (Penn Badgley) is embarrassed by the low turn-out at the stops on his book tour, so he decides to just skip them and hide out in the loft. A photo of Dan Humphrey is clearly under the word "maturity" in the dictionary. Rufus tries to end Dan's pity party by telling him tales of Lincoln Hawk's slow but hard-earned rise to fame. Dan pretends to care, but he's really just waiting for Rufus to leave so he can go back to listening to emo music and pigging out on junk food...or something. 

What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you think Blair is over Chuck? Vote in our poll and then head on over to the comments to tell us what you think will happen leading up to her royal wedding!

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