The Hunger Games Trailer Redux: Five Things We're Most Excited About!

After peeping Jennifer Lawrence’s upcoming flick, we’ve got some high expectations

By Ted Casablanca, John Boone Nov 15, 2011 2:23 PMTags
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OMG! After what felt like forever, The Hunger Games trailer finally hit the net yesterday.

And now that we've had time to watch the clip on repeat 659 billion times and to read all your comments lovin' or hatin' about the futuristic flick, we've decided to be très positive and tell you the five things the trailer had that have us most pumped.

Find out if you agree with us, and, as they say, let the games begin...

WATCH: New Hunger Games Trailer Is Here—Check It Out!



1. Sister Sister! Forget Jennifer Lawrence—uh, we mean Katniss—and her boys aplenty. The trailer got us pumped for a completely different relaysh: Kat and her little sister Prim (Willow Shields). How friggin' adorable, right?! Must 'fess: when Katniss stepped forward and shouted that she was volunteering herself for the Games, we got a little choked up. Can't wait to see more screen time for these two!

2. Um, Hottie Alert! Just ‘cause we're feeling the sisterly love, we haven't forgotten that there is some serious man candy in the flick: like hunky Liam Hemsworth. It's hardly a secret that Team Truth's totally Team Gale and—while it doesn't look like our wish came true that he'll be shirtless in the woods—L.H. is looking way cute in the preview.

3. How Futuristic Chic! We may have only got a blink-and-you-miss-it peak at Panem, but we like what we see from the dystopian world of the future. The city looks cool and all, but more so we're very much into the fashion. If you keep your eyes peeled you can almost make out Katniss's firey gown, but we got to peak the crazy makeup and wicked couture of the rest of the group. And we approve.

4. The Bitch is Back! Um, we were not expecting...well, that when we though of Effie Trinkett. And while it took us a bit of thinking, we're beyond thrilled. We love Elizabeth Banks and know she'll bring out the inner bitch in Eff better than any actress out there and, somehow even done up in all that pink and pretty, she looks more wicked than we could have dreamed.

5. Holy Freakin' Anticipation! Lionsgate, you teases. We loved everything they served up in the clip, but now we cannot wait to see what goes down in the arena (ya know, the most exciting part of the movie), which is exactly what the studio big wigs wanted. They gave us a little glimpse of Katniss in action way back when at the MTV VMAs but they know that our salivating over all the ass-kickin' action left out of the trailer will continue until March.

But what say you: What were your favorite parts of the trailer? Was there anything you were totally bummed about? Sound off below!