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Dear Ted:
I think it was very shrewd of Brett Ratner to resign from the Oscars as opposed to forcing the Academy to fire him. Hopefully, he will learn from this experience and in the future decide to think before he speaks.
—Amanda F.

Dear I Hear Ya:
I think the bottom line on this item is that he is out. Brett needs a muzzle until he can learn to keep his mouth closed. Thankfully, you can't say the things he said, especially in Hollywood (Isaiah Washington knows this lesson only too well). Brett's made his bed, and whether or not he resigned or the Academy asked him to resign remains to be revealed. Everything in the Academy's immediate zero-tolerance messaging on the topic points to the latter.

Dear Ted:
What do you think of Kate Winslet's new beau? Do you think this one will lead to another marriage No. 3?

Dear J.Lo Wannabe:
What's not to like? She'll probably get married again, but let's face it, after the first marriage who really cares? It's not like we're all sitting around with bated breath wondering about J.Lo's next hubby, ya know? Point is there will be at least one more—both for Jennifer and for Kate.

Dear Ted:
I remember your article with the Bel Ami trailer saying the movie was supposed to come out in October. Any idea what happened to that? I'm really excited to see what Rob can do outside of Twilight.

Dear On Top of It:
Nothing gets by a true Robert Pattinson fan, huh? It was supposed to have come out in October, but it looks like another flick of Rob's may have taken precedence. Can you say Breaking Dawn? I have a feeling that they may have been a little release-shy with Bel Ami (which is now possibly scheduled for 2012, says Sony) coming out one month before B.D. Sorry, doll.

Dear Ted:
What's the real dish behind the Skarsworth breakup? They said they broke up "a while ago" when it was announced, and she was seen out with her new guy immediately, making it seem like they couldn't announce it until she had another man on her arm. But what's the reason for it? I've heard everything from she was stalking him after he ended it, tired with her famewhoring ways, to him being heartbroken because she ended it while he wanted marriage. He certainly seems to be enjoying the single life, what's your take? And did his Vice have anything to do with it?

Dear Publicity Stunted:
This couple has been over for a while, where have you been? Kate's quick to jump ship and this costar relaysh is nothing new for her. Was it just last month she was dishing to some mag about Orlando Bloom? She needs to get over it. And yes, both stars' Vices factor considerably in the breakup. Well, at least one does, for sure.

Dear Ted:
Gotta agree with you. Trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman looks good. If the movie lives up to it I'd be excited to see it. Theron makes the Queen actually seem like a scary threat. But Hemsworth? I just don't get him. Where's he come from and why?

Dear Hems Hater:
While it wouldn't exactly be my first choice he's not a totally disappointing pick. He was Thor, and he is quite good looking. Let's just wait until he gets on the big screen before we start judging, he may be good, who knows.

Dear Ted:
Why isn't Kathy Griffin getting hired as an awards show host more often? I'd love to see her host the Oscars someday.

Dear Who Could Ask for Anything More:
Totally agree, but unfortunately I think Kath may be a little too unpredictable, shall we say, for the organization's tastes. Too bad, she would be absolutely hilarious and that's exactly what that show needs.

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