What? NBC thinks they can casually announce their midseason lineup and expect us to not notice a certain cult favorite missing from the schedule? Hardly. That's what we first zeroed in on!

Based on their recently released midseason schedule, NBC is pulling Community off the air to make way for the return of 30 Rock (Jan. 12). True, we adore 30 Rock, but we were hoping Whitney would move to make space for Tina Fey and Co., and then Community could remain on our TV's.

What other shows are making changes? Plus, we got intel on how the team over at Community is handling the recent development…

A source close to the show tells us that the folks over at Community are definitely sweating over being pulled off the schedule, even though they know it's not a cancellation. We're told they're just patiently waiting it out until NBC finds a slot for them.

Also off the midseason lineup? NBC's Maria Bello vehicle Prime Suspect. If you're mad about that, join the Community fans.

Instead of keeping Community and moving Whitney, Up All Night is being moved to Thursday nights to follow The Office. Chelsea Handler's Are You There, Chelsea? will be paired up with Whitney on Wednesday nights starting Jan. 11. Meanwhile, Harry's Law will be sent to Sundays starting March 4.

All right, Community fans. Let's hear it. On a scale of one to "Release the Kraken!", how upset are you that NBC has decided to yank the Greendale gang off the air indefinitely?

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