Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez

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You know how the Lohan family communicates with each other through press statements and MySpace blogs? Well that’s kind of how the Disney kids communicate, except through thinly veiled song lyrics.

Like this past summer when Miley Cyrus bitched about the "7 Things" she hates about some guy, especially how he makes her love him. That was totally all about Nick Jonas! And then Nick had a song on the new Jonas Brothers album called “Sorry” about him and a special someone “going our separate ways.” Could he have been talking about Miley?

Now, Selena Gomez is getting in on the meaningful lyric game with a song titled “I’m Sorry,” which she tells Twist about:

“A boy I kind of fell for, but he couldn't let his ex-girlfriend go, and it was really difficult. And I felt like in a way, I wasn't good enough. So the song is basically me saying that I'm sorry that it didn't work out or that she used to be who she was, but you have to let me in and you have to know that I'll do everything I can to make you happy and be the best I can be."

OMG, does this mean that Nick was having a hard time getting over Miley and now having trouble letting Selena in? Aw, poor Selena. But high-five, Miley! And get over it, Nick.

Oh, the power of being young, cute member of the Disney family. It allows these kids to passive-aggresively talk about each other in actual music rather than angsty song lyrics posted in AIM away messages like everyone else their age puts up.

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