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Someone's buying jewelry, someone's getting an unlikely roommate and someone's about to take a cue from Lady Gaga and enter a bad romance!

Yes, it's spoiler-chat time again, readers. In today's edition, we're serving you scoop on some of your favorite shows and couples, like Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair, Revenge's Emily and Nolan and Leslie and Ben on Parks & Recreation. Plus, is Once Upon a Time's Sheriff Graham good or evil? We know and lucky for you, we're in a very giving mood...

So come on in, we won't bite...

missivthegreat: #Dair action in upcoming eps?
Yep. Not action, exactly. But feelings? Totally!

lucreziareigns: I wanna join the Navy, but I don't know if it's worth it. Is Ivy for real when it comes to Nate or it is just another manipulation?
Ahhh, so clever. Nate + Ivy = Navy. Fun times. Kaylee DeFer (Ivy) herself tells us: "I have a bit of a risky romance with Chace Crawford, which is fun and you get to know a lot more of the background of my character. I think my character has been a little bit of a mystery so far and so you get to kind of know her a little bit better." My hunch is that her feelings are the real deal, and it sure sounds like Nate and Ivy are gonna be hooking up, despite Elizabeth Hurley's threats to her to stay away from her (now public) man. Chances are, that's not gonna end well! Does anything ever on the Upper East Side?

Phillip: I love that you guys love Happy Endings as much as I do! Got scoop?
We love Happy Endings like Dave loves V-necks, which incidentally is the plotline of an upcoming episode. Yep, you heard us: v-neck intervention.

Sarah in Orlando, Fla.: Anything on Happy Endings! Thanks.
Cheerio, HE fans! The Brits are taking over. Kind of. A little bit. OK, basically a dude faking a British accent will pop up on Happy Endings. We bet it's Penny (Casey Wilson) who falls for it. 

HeatherBolmon: Can we get some #OTH scoop in #spoilerchat today! I am sad it's the final season and it's wrapping up this week! 
We're bummed too, but in a mere 58 days Naley & Co. will be back where they belong: on our TV's and in our hearts. Oh yeah, we said it. We were recently on set of One Tree Hill and talked with Chad Michael Murray about his blast from the past episode. He revealed to us, "Lucas needs to come back to combat some drama that is going on in Haley's (Bethany Joy Galleotti) life and we kind of get a little bit of an opportunity to see what we really loved in the relationship between Haley and Luke. It's just kind of a little throwback and a little visit for our fans and for our wonderful following. It's a solution to a problem." So excited to see the old pals back together and—fingers crossed—there's a round of mini-golf involved!

How I Met Your Mother

Eric McCandless/Fox

Bells: Anything you can tell Barney and Robin fans to give us hope? #HIMYM
As you can see from this clip on EW, tonight's episode reveals that Barney and Robin end up sleeping together, thus cheating on their respective partners. And based on this photo, both Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) are taking their sweet time telling Nora and Kevin the truth. We have a feeling they might keep this secret longer than they should. To be honest, we're more intrigued with the prospect of meeting Robin's kids.

Heather in Tenn.: Glee scoop!
In episode nine, someone will be shopping at Zales. You know, the jewelry store? So either someone is buying themselves some new jewelry, or someone could be putting a ring on it!

Karen in Mich.: Thanks for the article on Grant GustinMy question: will Sebastian interact with anyone else besides Kurt and Blaine?
"I honestly don't know," Gustin tells us. "West Side Story was as much interaction as he has had with them—laying his eyes on them while they're on stage. I have no idea. For all I know, two episodes are all I'm doing!" Well, that's probably not true, because he also told us that in episode eight, his characters' storyline is left wide open for a return. We bet a gift certificate to Breadstix that he'll be back.

Christy: Any Glee scoop that has nothing to do with Finchel, Klaine, Brittanna, or any other of those couples.
Bless you, child. Someone will try to fix the class presidential race, and it's one of these three people: Will, Rachel, or Finn.

Kylie: Suburgatory is my life. I need scoop.
Remember last week when we speculated that the DJ would totally be a fan of fist-pumping? Well, we're about to buy some lottery tickets, because it looks like we're pretty much psychic. Our sources have confirmed that Chatswin High will definitely be taking a page out of the Jersey Shore handbook and will be rocking out to a techno beat.

Jamie Dornan, Once Upon a Time


@fatherdowling I'm obsessed with #OnceUponaTime. Scoop please!
Hearing that Emma (Jennifer Morrison) will battle it out with the newspaper editor for a very important law-enforcement job. And Emma's arrangement/deal with Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) will get more complicated than even she knows. That all goes down in the Rumplestiltskin origin episode.

@JWhere15: @KristinDSantos once upon a time info please!!! Which story book character is the Sheriff? Is he good or bad? Last night confused me!
He is not good.

@MsMelShel Oh please, oh please give me any Leslie Ben (lesben) news! It is breaking my heart that they aren't back together.
Ben and Leslie being apart hurts us like a swift kick between the legs, so we feel your pain. In an upcoming episode, Ben (Adam Scott) refers to someone as his "girlfriend." Is it Leslie (Amy Poehler) or someone new? That we can't reveal, but we all know who we want it to be. Meanwhile, Leslie goes on a tirade trying to help Ann (Rashida Jones) find her soul mate, which inevitable leads to a gay male escort showing up. Who's to blame for that one? Jerry. Duh. 

Tanner in Reno, Nevada: Stop neglecting the nerds! I need my Big Bang Theory fix!
Hey now, don't get your Batman boxers in a knot! Here's a little scoop of dork drama for you: There is a new nemesis coming into town, and nope, it's not Wil Wheaton. Later this season we're going to meet Jimmy Speckerman, an ex-jock who used to bully Leonard (Johnny Galecki) back when they were in high school together. Hmm…a storyline about Leonard this season that doesn't involve girls? Color us shocked!

ghart: Another spoiler chat without any #TVD scoop?! You're killing me here… 
Hey, take it up with the Vampire Diaries set, which is like Fort Knox, almost impervious to spoilers. But we are hearing one of our new favorite characters Rebekah (Claire Holt) will be popping up sooner rather than later. Whether she's un-daggered (best word ever?) or shows up in flashbacks, we're just glad to have that "evil blood slut" back.

Gabriel Mann, Revenge


marleyakatroy: #revenge scoop
Prepare for the real Emily Thorne (Margarita Levieva) to stir up some major trouble on the ABC hit show. "Boy, is she back!" Gabriel Mann tells us of the real Emily, who will be crashing with Nolan (Mann) while she's in town. "She's a handful. She just jumps right into the middle of everything. The ripple effect of her presence will affect just about every character on the show. It's major," Mann teases. "I think Nolan is very, very, very curious about her and you're going to see what happens between the two of them in episode eight." 

kimma_s: any Revenge scoop would be appreciated. Thanks!
If you were annoyed that the show didn't show Nolan and Tyler's (Ashton Holmes) makeout session, you're not alone! Mann tells us that's the only complaint he's heard about the duo's shocking hookup. "It wasn't so much about the intimacy, the physical intimacy itself, but the intention of what that liaison meant," he explains. "To have those two people hooking up, who are both potentially such grifters, and the monkey wrench that that could potentially through in Emily's revenge plan."

grheajoy: I would love to get any scoop about Revenge!
We're hearing people (lots of them!) kind of like Nolan and Emily (Emily VanCamp) together, so we had to ask Mann what's coming up for the revenging duo. "That relationship continues to evolve and become more complex," Mann says of Nolan and Emily's. "It's fun to mess with her because she's such a badass. How much do I have to do before she starts karate kicking me or throwing me against a wall again?" That's not all he had to say about Nolan and Emily, but you'll have to check back on Wednesday to hear what Mann thinks of the possibility of a romance brewing between the two. We know, we're shameless teases. Muahaha!

whorelips: Why you guys never give the PLL fans a scoop? :(
Because when we were in preschool we missed the lesson on sharing, but I guess we can tell you this: Remember that super-creepy doll that Alison (Sasha Pieterse) has hiding in her room? Well we're thinking that the girls will be finding it soon because in an upcoming episode called "If These Dolls Could Talk" the gang meets Martha, the owner of a run-down doll boutique. This is probably the same place where 'A' purchased their eerie look-a-like dolls. Yikes!



lindsx11: can we talk about the end of secret circle, please?! anything to tide us over until january…?
It seems like Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) may finally be starting to get over Nick (Louis Hunter), her dearly departed BF. There's one problem? Melissa's new crush may get her into some pretty dangerous situations. Ah, young love…

secret_circle: Secret Circle post-hiatus scoop would be great?
You know what else would be great? If we could go back in time and push Jake (Chris Zylka) off the boat to reunite him with Cassie (Britt Robertson), or so he could tell the gang there's another Blackwell child in the coven. Sadly, we still haven't finished our time machine. "Jake knows the existence of such a child, but the emergence of the second Blackwell offspring will be revealed in due course," executive producer Andrew Miller ominously says. And for Jake fans worrying we won't see his pretty face anytime soon, fear not! We're hearing there's still plenty of Jake action to come. Guest star, shmest star!

Sarah: Tell us about Grey Damon's character on Secret Circle! I loved him on Nine Lives!
Well, we loved him when he was on Friday Night Lights, so we win! "His character is a very dangerous guy for a lot of reasons," Miller teases. "He's confident and cocky and has a different kind of power than we've seen, but one of our characters will be drawn to him in a way that could prove dire for other characters." Spoiler alert: it's Faye (Phoebe Tonkin). Darn that Grey Damon and his sinister attraction!

CupcakeLady113:I NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH COMMUNITY! Has NBC lost their marbles?! 
Right there with you fellow Community lover. We're still in so much shock, that we've forgotten how to leave the office and go home. This is all the info we could find, and if you're looking for a place to send hate mail, we're working on that, too. 

New Girl photo, Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson


Sam: Please please tell me there's hope for Jess and Nick on New Girl?! They are the cutest new couple on TV!
You mean cutest non-couple right? Sorry, Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) fans, but prepare to feel the burn...a slow one. Both characters "are coming out of relationships that didn't go that well, so they're not at the perfect time in their lives to be together," creator Liz Meriwether says. But there is hope for the twosome as she says, "They have a while to go emotionally before they're going to be at that place, but who knows!"

Clarissa in Phoenix, Ariz: I feel like no one else cares about Jimmy and Sabrina on Raising Hope. I want them to be together more than peanut butter and jelly! 
Well then, luckily for you in this week's episode Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) and Jimmy (Lucas Neff) are probably the cutest sandwich ever. When Burt's (Garret Dillahunt) parents come to town for a last-minute Thanksgiving dinner, everyone is living a lie in hopes of impressing them.(i.e. Sabrina happily pretends to be Jimmy's wife.) And when the two practice kissing in order to make it look believable, you'll find yourself praying to the TV gods to make it the real-deal.

Kevin in San Diego, Calif.: I know Breaking In isn't coming back until next year, but is there anything you can tell me about the new season?
Ugh, we have to wait sooo long for Breaking In to return, but we won't complain because for a while there, it wasn't coming back at all. But good news: We do have some scoop! Breaking In is currently casting a new series regular, named Molly. She'll be Contra Security's office manager, and she's described as "super smart" and a "super quirky overachiever." Her mentor? Veronica, the boss, played by the awesome Megan Mullally.

Jessica: Your Grimm spoiler last week was so good! More please!
Well, since you asked ever so nicely: Welcome to Grimm: Fight Club edition! The first rule of Fight Club: you do not talk about Fight Club (or the fact that you see evil monsters every single day.) In episode 12, we will be introduced to a Lowen, a lion-like creator appropriately named Leo who runs a gladiator-style fight club for Portland's mythological beings. Our money's on Tyler Durden Nick Burckhardt (David Giuntoli). 

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Leanne Aguilera

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