Ricki Lake, Derek Hough, DWTS


Purple is the new black, y'all! Or rather, make that purple-and-black.

We just caught up with Ricki Lake and Derek Hough, and Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovsky at their rehearsals for tonight's semifinal episode of Dancing With the Stars, and Ricki's body has been taking a beating from a "very physical" dance that has about six lifts!

So can they pull it together for tonight's show? And what did Hope have to say about bowing out of the competition all together?

"I'm not quitting!" Hope told us, referring to the interview with E! News' Ryan Seacrest during his KISS FM radio show. "It caused like this huge rumor. But when I said I almost quit, I had a really rough day, [Maks] and I were fighting, I was just like I wanted to leave the studio and be like, 'I'm done I don't need this.' But, I mean, I came to my senses within two minutes. So two minutes of my life on Dancing With the Stars I almost quit."

Wait a minute, someone was fighting with sweet little Maks, the soft-spoken wallflower? We are stunned.

Rick and Derek, meanwhile, are far from having thoughts of throwing in the towel, despite the toll this difficult rehearsals week has taken on their bodies.

"Not gonna lie," Ricki admitted. "I'm really, really hurting. Look at this, look at my feet! They're purple, and this is like a nice indigo color, this is from when I fell on my knee on Monday…I have bruises everywhere now. They're all from [Derek] because it's very physical. It's more than I could imagine, particularly now because now there's lifts, I don't know how he's doing it because we have, I don't know, six lifts or something."

Derek says he's still feeling the pain from his shoulder injury a few weeks back, and surprise! Ricki isn't the only one who's lost weight.

"He doesn't want to and I want to!" Ricki explains.

"Mine is not the good kind," Derek insists. "Mine is like the, 'Oh, he looks 12 years old again. How fantastic. '"

Check back tonight for our recap of tonight's Dancing with the Stars and scoop from backstage.

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