Ryan Phillippe, Glenn Close, Damages

Michael Tran/FilmMagic, FX


Sounds like Ryan Phillippe is bringing the trouble over to Damages.

The actor is currently shooting a guest spot opposite Glenn Close in the hit television legal drama.

"I don't like him," Close told me the other night at Palihouse during a cocktail party for her new movie Albert Nobbs.

Wait, what?!

She, of course, is not talking about Mr. Phillippe, but his character!

"He's an arrogant and brilliant young man," she said of the role, inspired by WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange. "I really don't like him. Just so arrogant."

As for his work, Close cooed, "Out of the ballpark! He's doing wonderfully."

She's also not sure if her Patty Hewes will be getting along with a new lawyer to the bunch played by her Nobbs costar Janet McTeer. "Just wait," Close said. "You don't know if she's on my side or with Ellen (Rose Byrne) because Ellen and I now against each other."

Close and McTeer's roles in Albert Nobbs are a far departure from Damages. They play two women passing as men in 19th century Ireland. Expect to see both women nominated for Oscars.

"My poor little boobs," Close laughed about binding her chest. "I thought there was going to be nothing left after being smashed down so much. It was very flattening."

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